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WE CAME AS ROMANS Announce the Band’s Immediate Future

"The opposite of addiction is connection.", Vocalist DAVE STEPHENS Says

In a video message WE CAME AS ROMANS Dave Stephens posted earlier this week on the band’s Facebook page, he relayed to fans the plans for the immediate future of the band. “We decided that the best course of action for the band is to do the BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE tour. We feel like this honors Kyle,” said Stephens. “We can talk about the Kyle Pavone Foundation, and carry on doing what he would have wanted us to do and us be together on stage, playing music together, with our fans.”

Further, he implied that the band would continue and their brother and friend would be best memorialized by forging ahead. “We will not be replacing Kyle. We’ll be continuing on the five of us, and honoring his life for the next few weeks while we’re on tour.”

Dave also described the opposite of addiction as being a connection and by remaining on the BFMV Tour, WE CAME AS ROMANS can continue to spark fans to reach out for help if they feel alone, have an issue with addiction, or just because connecting with another human being is what fuels life, even in the hardest times. Healing comes out of connecting with people that are experiencing the same emotions during times like these. 

There has always been a connection with the band WE CAME AS ROMANS and their fans. Whether it be turning up the band’s latest record, Cold As War and driving until you have to turn around so you won’t run out of gas getting back home, or stage diving at a live show as you feed off the energy of the band’s set, fans have connected with the band since they started playing.

Personally, I am beyond thankful the band has decided to stay together for the tour with BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE along with BAD OMENS. As a huge fan of WCAR, I want to pay my respects to Kyle and to show my support to Dave, Josh, Lou, and Andy. We will shed tears, sing Kyle‘s parts with fans at the top of my lungs, and celebrate Kyle‘s physical presence on earth. His mere existence and his artistic contribution to WCAR brought me joy, helped me grieve, and release the uglies I kept inside.  His parts in the band’s live performances are memories I will hold close forever. 


Not to mention, these three bands are going to melt fan’s faces off all across the US! The tour started in Kansas City, Missouri on September 13th and will end as the bands blaze into Las Vegas on October 16th. I will have coverage from this tour when it stops in Dallas on September 21 so make sure you check back to AntiHero Magazine or follow my Facebook page here. Visit any of the band’s socials for ticket information and all of the details. Don’t miss this show Lovelies!

We Came As Romans

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri




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