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Dealing from the Top of the Deck: Tarot Rats announce their new EP 3.0 and tour


Tarot Rats set out with one mission: to write, record and perform the music they love – vintage soul, rock, and blues. The band’s sound has mainly evolved to explore lead singer Tim (Steel) Hill’s vocals, a man blessed with a voice way beyond his years. It’s become the focal point of their latest writing sessions, and rightly so.
With their unique take on the blues-rock genre, the Rats offer an eclectic mix of full-on, over-driven riffs combined with stripped-back, soulful acoustic melodies: one foot firmly in the heart of the blues era, the other striding forward – keeping it alive, keeping it fresh and bringing the music to a brand new generation.
The Tarot Rats have announced their new EP 3.0, to be released on September 22ND  2017. Ever seeking authenticity, the band recorded live onto 2″ tape: a deliberate choice to capture a classic vintage rock and blues sound. “We recorded it live to show what to expect when you come to a Rats’ gig,” explains guitarist Chris Sansom, “We often get asked what we sound like live. Grab an EP and see for yourself!”
The first track from the new release has a true classic edge and gets driven hard: ‘War Begins in the Minds of Men’ is now a staple in the Tarot Rats’ set.
The band has never been ashamed to wear their hearts on their sleeves and the EP is laced with a rich essence of influences from the early rock of the 1960s to huge modern bands like MUSE and Incubus. Stand-alone heroes like Kate Bush and Bowie have also inspired the band and help to maintain freshness and individuality.
Guitarist Johnny Hammond elaborates: “We as musicians take influence from so many artists, but write what we are feeling at the time, which is why we diversify our material, from stripped-back acoustic arrangements to upbeat modern tracks like ‘When We Were Young’  – it’s just how we write, and everyone seems to be behind that.”
Born Music Website agrees and praises “An impressive-sounding dynamic which is owed in part to their varied musical backgrounds.” The site goes on to acknowledge that “One of the group’s main aspects is authenticity… That raw honesty is something that is deep in the heart of their music, making sure ‘it’s music people can relate to’, but with ‘killer riffs to keep you pumped.’”
Recently signed to RPM  Management, Tarot Rats are about to embark on a year of heavy gigging, from festivals to intimate acoustic sessions.  Tour dates are listed below, with further appearances to be announced and added.
With another EP already written and ready to record, next year is looking very good for Tarot Rats, and an album is already in the offing (due at the latter end of 2018).
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Upcoming Dates
More to be announced soon.

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