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LaRissa Vienna and the Strange Haunt Fans with New Video and Upcoming Album

Denver’s LaRissa Vienna and the Strange is a hard band to ignore. Whether it’s front woman LaRissa’s poignant vocals or the complex storytelling within, they stand out from a cacophony of new indie rock bands. Their newest single, “Haunted,” showcases the best of the band, and is only a taste of what promises to be a phenomenal album, Neptune VII, due out September 1st.

“I wrote Haunted” about the guilt of missing someone from your past. It is a song about the shame of desiring things you can’t have. For the music video, each band member has a storyline of what “haunts” them, whether it be relationships, alcohol abuse, or mental illness. Everyone has that one thing that haunts them, and in the music video, we wear it on our sleeves.” -LaRissa Vienna


Track List:
01. Same Devil, Different Ways
02. Like a Child
03. Rewind
04. California Man
05. Craving Chaos
06. Haunted
07. Labyrinth
08. The Chemistry
09. Limes
10. Surrender

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Connect with LaRissa Vienna and the Strange:
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