Karl Phillips and the Rejects Schooling the Chavs: Don’t Be a ‘Plastic Gangsta”

What would happen if Mike Skinner and The Clash decided to get busy while Reel Big Fish lurked in the corner, just close enough to lend some DNA?  We’re thinking they’d make an amazing baby called Karl Phillips and the Rejects, and we’d send them a BIG bouquet and thank you card, cause “Plastic Gangsta” by this 7 piece from Midlands, UK is seriously THAT good.  It’s not just the frontman’s mad rapping skills, or that infectious guitar riff, or even that horn section that would drive any ska fan INSANE–and let’s not overlook the astute statement about ‘Chavs’ in the track and video (and if you’re not British, a Chav is pretty much the UK equivalent of a less offensive juggalo)–it’s the TOTAL package of perfectly melded elements that make this track so unforgettable. 

“Plastic Gangster is about a guy who thinks he’s a gangster but he’s just a mummy’s boy, in his head, he knows it really. The song is saying ‘stop being an idiot, it’s embarrassing..I’m a fly on the wall in his life, one minute he’s flexing in his bedroom mirror, and I’m like, ‘what are you doing. Next minute, he’s doing gun signs but his mum is shouting him down for dinner.”


And no, you can’t buy it, yet, but it will be available May 19 through Medical Recordsso for now you’ll just have to join us in watching the video on repeat.


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