Deadlight Holiday Draws Upon Anger & Isolation With “Full Of Hate”


July 9, 2023 – Michigan-based industrial/rock band, Deadlight Holiday has just unleashed a new single, “Full Of Hate”. The song captures the suffocating feelings of anger and isolation that engulf us and often leave us with a feeling of being confined. Moreover, the song does so within the span of ninety seconds.

“Full Of Hate” describes that moment when you feel low, and you’re caught in a never-ending cycle of abuse and hatred, uncertain about how to break free. The lyrics embody elements of nihilism and dread, painting a raw picture of despair.

However, the essence of the song lies in transforming that negative energy into a shared experience, reminding listeners that this song is a reflection of a past a lot of us share, rather than a glorification of drugs and self-loathing.

Though we like to try to forget the bad paths we once took in life, it’s a step that eventually leads to the peace and happiness that comes when you decide to break the cycle.

“Full Of Hate” is available now on all major digital platforms including Bandcamp.


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