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Epoch Failure Honors New Jersey History with Cover of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer’!

Though we don’t regularly post rap or hip hop, we’d be remiss if we ignored a cover of a classic and iconic rock tune, regardless of the cover’s genre. And so, when this Epoch Failure cover of the legendary Bon Jovi hit single “Livin’ on a Prayer” came up, we thought it was worth a listen and a share.

“The new record says, ‘We are warriors in mind, body and spirit. Life, with its many peaks and valleys, is our battlefield.” – Nick Young

“In a time when lots of people are looking for handouts and making excuses, I feel we made a statement that the classic American fighter still exists. Life is more fulfilling, more fun, and way more badass when you go out there and fight for what you want. Go get your hands and hearts dirty chasing down your dreams.” – Billy Joe Marrero


“The powerful new version of ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ by Epoch Failure retells the intimate story of Tommy and Gina, set in an urgent urban landscape. It captures the song’s timeless message, lifting the banner of hope and faith for a whole new generation of working class heroes. Epoch Failure is a winner!”- Jon Bon Jovi & Desmond Child

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