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Electronic Dance Takes A Decidedly Dark-Industrial Turn on Mr. Kristopher’s ‘Communion’ EP

Mr. Kristopher (aka Kristopher Grey) has never shied from blurring genres.  Starting out in punk and metal bands likely informs his sound, but his style of Electronic Dance Music is decidedly more Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie than deadmau5 or Tiesto.  With that being said, his Jet Set Trash debut EP, Communion, is one of those examples of electronic producers creating music that probably has some technical characteristics only an EDM kid would pay attention to, but enough raw aggression to appeal to most rigid metalheads, at least on a good day.  

The textbook definition of communion is “sharing or exchanging intimate thoughts or feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.” I figured that is exactly what I am doing with my music. I hope you enjoy my intimate thoughts on a mental or spiritual level! – Mr. Kristopher


Communion EP Track List
1. Darklord
2. Death Rattle
3. Sacrifice
4. Ritual
5. Reign

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