Electro-Rock Band, Primal Static Releases their New EP “The Corrupting Of The Revolution”

After releasing their first single, “Need You So Bad”, Primal Static is now releasing their new EP, “The Corrupting Of The Revolution” worldwide on March 15, 2019.

Primal Static“The Corrupting Of The Revolution” is an EP with four eclectic tracks, each song with its own distinct mix of Electronic, Rock, Soul & Blues. As band member, G.T. describes, “It is an appeal for truth, connectedness, and authenticity in a time when it’s so rare. The title sets the tone but it’s not exactly a concept album. There are windows, but not the whole house.” Songs from the EP are already playing around the world in the U.K., Europe, United States, Canada, and Australia.

Primal Static is a duo and consists of G.T. (songwriter/vocals/guitar) and HouFei (keyboard/bass). Their unique sound is a result of two very different cultural and musical backgrounds coming together. G.T. is a self-taught musician from Maryland who was inspired by artists from Robert Johnson to The Master Musicians of Jajouka to Mahler, while HouFei is a classically trained pianist from the mountains of China who came to the United States on a full scholarship to study piano and graduated from the Peabody Conservatory. “The electric energy and freedom in the music we are making complete me. All the demons that used to roar in my heart when I earned applause playing Bach to Rachmaninoff quieted,” says HouFei.

Radio has already embraced “Need You So Bad” and the song is currently playing across the U.K. and Europe with new stations adding it weekly to their playlists. The band is currently touring the United States with plans to come to the U.K. and Europe in the future.


“The Corrupting Of The Revolution” is available on iTunes, Spotify, and other online retailers:

Spotify –

iTunes –

For more information on Primal Static, please visit their website at


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