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Canadian Fest Celebrating Women In Metal METALOCALYPSTICK Announce Second Batch of Bands To Line Up

Canadian Fest Celebrating Women In Metal METALOCALYPSTICK Announce Second Batch of Bands To Line Up

Life Like Fire, Breaking The Silent, Massive Scar Era

Get ready for Mountains, Camping and the Women of Metal!

Artwork by Abradinfluence

Based in Valemount, BC near Jasper National Park with the beautiful backdrop of the Canadian Rockies, there stands an outdoor festival that just doesn’t celebrate Heavy Metal, but embraces the power of women in metal.

Formed in 2016, METALOCALYPSTICK FEST was created to present a unique experience within the Western Canadian metal community, a gathering of similar views, aspirations and musical taste. (similar to former mainstream music festival Lilith Fair.)

Founded by Kaija Kinney of Vancouver’s Anarcheon after researching a lack of female based metal festivals to apply her band to, Kinney took matters into in her own and decided to produce the event.

Kinney comments:

“This festival means the celebration of both sexes coming together and creating something amazing. People like to say women in metal aren’t a big deal anymore and that we are all the same. I feel that is untrue, this is still a male dominated world and woman are still looked as lesser. I want to showcase all these bad ass ladies and celebrate the differences of men and woman rather than pretend we are all equal. Truth is we are different why can’t we celebrate that?”

In addition to the festival celebrating women in metal, the METALOCALYPSTICK FEST gives back to the community by being a non-profit organization dedicated to raise funds and donating 100% of proceeds to local charities Girls Rock Camp, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, Earth Protectors plus an audience picked foundation.

The 1st annual Metalocalypstick hosted female influenced metal bands from across Canada and the world such as Brazil’s Nervosa (Napalm Records), Egypt’s Massive Scar Era, Hollywood’s The Maension, Valfreya, Scythia, Mortillery (Napalm Records), Van Halst, Dead Asylum, Juliet Ruin, Violent Betty, Omega Crom, Körperlose Stimme, Elysium Echoes, Solborn, Monarch Sky, Forsaken Rite, Anarcheon, and Suspended.

Preparing for their 2nd annual year, the outdoor festival for women in metal is proud to announce their second batch of bands added to the line up Life Like Fire, Breaking The Silent and the return of Massive Sca Era to join previously introduced Tessitura, Körperlose Stimme, Meteor Tree, Scythia, Hedks, Forsaken Rite and Remnants.

 presented by is being held during Canada Day weekend on July 1st and 2nd in Valemount, BC. For tickets and more info, please visit the following links:
Event Page-
Ride Share –
About the second batch of metal queens and their band’s performing METALOCALYPSTICK:

Breaking The Silent


Breaking The Silent
Mar is the newest Metal Queen added! Welcome Breaking The Silent!

If there are three things Mar would take to an isolated island, it would be her notebook (with an attached pen!), iPod and headphones. Music and writing are her truest passion, and also, her saving grace, as she identifies them. For her, tenor and falsetto, along with screams, are only a matter of feelings. She deeply feels what she sings. That is something the audience gets to experience when watching her perform. Her wide vocal range has enabled her to dabble into different genre of music, one of them being blues. Though metal is mostly what you will find on her playlist, she has never tried her hand at singing it. That is until Shane Oranchuk, drummer from Breaking The Silent asked her to audition for the band. In August 2016, she became the singer and lyricist of the band. Influenced by power, thrash and black metal vocalists, be ready to be mesmerized by this talented and genuine vocalist.

Breaking The Silent is a 5 piece female fronted metal band from Edmonton, Alberta.The band formed in the fall of 2016 and have been making waves ever since. The group is in the midst of recording their first full length album, which is a lethal mix of thrash, black and melodic metal. 

BTS has immediately gained attention in the local and international scene teaming up with Hed P.E, All Else Fails, Tessitura and more. Founding members Mar, Shane Oranchuk,Jason Cullen, D-Rail Dahlmer, and Jake Victor formed the band with the vision of writing melodic and heavy music. With an album and tour in their horizon there is no telling how far this band will be in another year. Stay tuned. 


Life Like Fire

Life Like Fire
Maddy has been involved in music since the young age of 9 where she started out in lessons for country music. At age 12, she switched over to jazz where she landed a record deal, but turned it down because she had fallen for metal, punk and rock music. This came along when her grandma accidentally bought her a Slipknot CD and her grandpa took her to get her first guitar. Unfortunately she was only able to get in 2 years of guitar lessons and rock vocal lessons before her mom sent her to the streets with nothing, but her guitar and lil dog. Over the next four years, Maddy dropped outta school, moved between friends, park benches, trees and some of the lowest places in Calgary. Her life was eventually turned around by a neighbour who heard her singing and playing guitar outside. He inspired her to do something with her talents and get out there. This lead to Maddy seeking out other musicians and creating her first serious hard rock band in Red Deer, Alberta called Promise Revoked. This band went on to open for big bands like Sum 41, Gob and Sweeney Todd. They were also featured on radio stations, playing big festivals and eventually were signed to a Canadian label. Due to different interests, this band eventually fell apart. After trying out a few different bands, she was recruited by a Calgary band called Silo. This band had great potential and got Maddy back up into the music scene again by headlining shows at the Marquee and playing Our Fest, but with a band member moving away and also unable to find a permanent bass player, this band also fell apart. Hope was not lost, since Silo’s other guitar player Josh had moved into a band house with Maddy. They ended up spending every night playing music and writing songs, which led to creating the band Life Like Fire.

Life Like Fire was born in 2016 from the shattered remains of four popular local Calgary bands. Their combined skill sets create a unique brand of in your face rock ‘n roll that is quickly gaining pace in Alberta’s underground music scene. This band adds a modern twist to an old school sound then tops it off with searing female lead vocals and blistering guitar shred. It’s dirty, rude, in your face and you’ll be left wanting more. 

Massive Scar Era

Massive Scar Era
Massive Scar Era returns to Metalocalypstick having performed at the inaugural year in 2016. Originally formed in 2005 in Egypt, the band plays post hardcore with both metal and Middle Eastern influences along with introducing violins orchestration into their sound. Over the years, MSE has performed at festivals in Europe and USA sharing the stages with bands like Dream Theater, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, Kreator, Moonspell and more.
They released their EP “30 years” in August 2016, evolving their sound to incorporate more dramatic orchestration, heavy guitar riffs and intense lyrics.
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