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Album Review: VICTOR LOVE – Technomancy

On May 6th, 2016, the music world was gifted with an Industrial/Techno lovers wet dream, the new album by Victor Love, aptly titled Technomancy. The album features guest stars KMFDM, Deathstars, Spiritual Front, Army Of The Universe, Aborym, and Zu, and emerging artists Deflore, The Enigma TNG, Hate Inc., and ORAX. The album is overflowing with a mishmash of different styles and featuring exceptional artwork designed by pixel artist Valenberg. A person would be hard-pressed to try to pinpoint exactly what genre Victor Love‘s music belongs to, but no matter what genre you think this album belongs to, it is safe to say this album is solidly entertaining and creatively genius. [columns] [column size=”1/3″]

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Artist: Victor Love
Album Title: Technomancy
Release Date: 06 May 2016
Label: Metropolis Records
[list style=”music”] [li]Bitchcraft (feat. KMFDM)[/li] [li]Irrationality (feat. Spiritual Front)[/li] [li]Cocaine (feat. Deflore)[/li] [li]Surrenders (feat. Deathstars)[/li] [li]Machine Gun (feat. Army Of The Universe)[/li] [li]The New System (feat. Aborym)[/li] [li]I Curse You (feat. Zu)[/li] [li]Blind Or Dead (feat. The Enigma TNG)[/li] [li]Can’t You Remember (feat. Hate Inc.)[/li] [li]Black Dreams (feat.ORAX)[/li] [/list]
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Bitchcraft” – featuring KMFDM – is an absolutely ball grabbing, full on assault of the senses, a multilayered hot mess of excellence. Vocals are layered, yet clean, direct and piercing. “Irrationality” -featuring Spirituality Front – with its old school feel, unique percussion effects, underlying techno vibe with a subtle haunting melodic undertone. “Cocaine” – featuring Deflore – Electronica at its finest, with an infectious hook with gritty chorus and must sing-a-long lyrics; A dark and dangerous groove with murky innuendos. “Surrender” – featuring Deathstars – Stripped down, almost romantic vibe. Depraved sexual undertones with classic industrial licks. “Machine Guns” – featuring Army of the Universe – with its sluggish tempo, the emphasis here is on lyrical gold offering a very mid-90’s feeling with thinly hidden aggression. “The New System” – featuring Aborym – Easy flowing techno-magic served wrapped up in an industrial groove blanket. “I Curse You” – featuring Zu – Seedy, sneaky and deliciously slimy. This song attaches itself to you, and slithers up and down your spine, leaving chills that seem to last for days. “Blind or Dead” – featuring The Enigma TNG – is smooth yet jagged, with an acidic aftertaste, dripping with thinly veiled contempt. “Can’t You Remember” – featuring Hate Inc. – This song channels all that was beautifully wicked during the heyday of bands like Depeche Mode; a prime example of what a superior Industrial/Techno song should be. “Black Dreams” – featuring Orax – Instrumental gold: A pure composition swirled with mystery and innuendo. A great song for a movie soundtrack.

Technomancy overall is a solid techno album, with a strong Industrial feel and a healthy taste of Nu-Metal. This album has a retro vibe throughout most of it, making the listener reminisce and think back to the days of freshly signed NIN and Marilyn Manson. Follow the links below to get all the information you need to bring Victor Love and the album Technomancy into your life.



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