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Album Review: SEPULTURA – Machine Messiah

Sepultura - Machine MessiahSince the release of 2013’s The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart, Brazilian thrash metal band Sepultura have been in the studio working on their 14th – yes, you read that right, 14th – release Machine Messiah. The band has been a huge influence in the thrash scene from the very beginning of the genre, and it’s through their devotion and unique style that they have developed a very loyal following.

I was just recently introduced to the band when they released Kairos in 2011, but once I listened to that album I instantly became a fan and began the journey backwards listening to their discography from the beginning, and I personally think that Machine Messiah is some of their best work.

The album starts off at a little bit of a slower pace with the title track “Machine Messiah,” but the track quickly picks up pace to the band’s signature sound. Fast paced, brutal and heavy…very heavy, all the things you would expect from a band like Sepultura. Derrick’s vocals are strong and powerful just as they were in their older music, it’s a wonder how he hasn’t burned out his voice with his brutality.


It honestly was refreshing to hear a band that started as thrash and can still pull it off like they did when they first began their musical careers. Most bands change with time and conform to the times; not Sepultura, they are going to stick to their roots and if you don’t like it, too bad.

Songs like “Sworn Oath” and “Resistant Parasites” really stuck out to me the most when I listened to the release. It honestly took me back to the first time I listened to the band and was captivated by their sound. If you have read any of my other reviews, I am a huge fan of layers, depth of sound – I mean, cake has layers and who doesn’t like cake? That’s exactly what you get here.

With more guitar solos than you can count, heavy drums, rhythms and brutal vocals, I think that Sepultura has set the bar extremely high for 2017 with this 10-track album. It’s everything that their fans have come to expect and more. Just one thing, you just might need a neck brace after the album comes to an end, I know I do.

Photo credit: D.O. Blackley

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