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Album Review: PAPA ROACH – Crooked Teeth

Papa Roach - Crooked TeethWhen a band reaches their tenth album, I begin to wonder what they can do –  are they still relevant, or do people even like them more? With Papa Roach that is not the case. The new album Crooked Teeth continues on one epic career that has spanned over two decades. This album contains heavy, catchy rap, and just about every genre that you can put into one collection of songs. Crooked Teeth is probably the most evolved album Papa Roach has released yet, and has spawned two music videos for the title track “Crooked Teeth” and the ballad “Help”.

The first track on the record, “Break My Fall,” does a good job of showing what kind of mixes and different genres Papa Roach can pack onto one record. It has a beautiful intro that goes from a symphonic sound to lead singer Jacoby Shaddix rapping a meaningful verse that breaks into the memorable chorus. Each song does a great job of implementing a unique vibe and varying elements, which in turn makes every song stand out. The album touches on all kinds of different things we face throughout our daily lives, whether it is relationships, backstabbers, or just help with our own self. One of the prime examples of this would be the hit single from the record “Help,” which is a great ballad that explains the beauty behind admitting the need to lean on someone during difficult times.

Overall, Crooked Teeth is a fun yet meaningful record that everyone can relate to and find solace in. One of the most notable tracks on the record is the song “Sunrise Trailer Park,” featuring mainstream rapper Machine Gun Kelly. It is one of the first songs by Papa Roach to ever contain a feature and it turned out wonderfully. Skylar Gray even makes an appearance on this record with the song “Periscope,” and the combination of Papa Roach and other musicians is something that not a lot of people would have expected, but it turned out greater than anyone could have ever imagined and it’s perfect for the record. “Built for Greatness” is a truthful track that sums up what the band is all about; it’s an amazing song that shows that Papa Roach is one of the greatest rock bands to this day. They are a force to be reckoned with.


Crooked Teeth is not the heaviest record Papa Roach has put out, but it is one of the greatest records that a rock band could release. The lyrics touch on a lot of things; they show the struggles and highlight the good times. Musically every song is diverse, having several different influences thrown in throughout the album. Papa Roach fans rejoice because they have put out a record that will be hard to top and they were built for greatness.


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