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Album Review: MUNICIPAL WASTE – Slime and Punishment

Municipal WasteIt’s been five long years since we’ve heard from Virginia-based thrashers, Municipal Waste, having released their fifth studio album, The Fatal Feast, in 2012. On June 23rd, the band will release their sixth studio album titled, Slime and Punishment. Let me start off by saying the album artwork simply screams Municipal Waste and is also so fitting to the album’s name.

Municipal Waste are labeled as being “Crossover Thrash,” which I never really understood, and it’s clearly not the case with Slime and Punishment. This album is firmly rooted in kickass old-school thrash at its best. Right from the start, slam it into fifth and hit the gas. “Breathe Grease,” the first track smashes you in the face with an onslaught of catchy riffs along with hard-hitting drums that have you immediately slamming your head right into the next track, “Enjoy the Night,” followed by “Dingy Situations”. It’s obvious that these guys have brought some serious riffs to the party. Speaking of “party”, 2007’s release “The Art of Partying” is my favorite album by the band until now.


Like fellow thrash and party brethren D.R.I. and Nuclear Assault, these guys just won’t let off the gas for a second, with standout tracks such as “Poison the Preacher,” “Amateur Sketch,” “Under the Waste Command,” and “Death Proof.” The relentless aggressive guitar riffs, head-splitting drums matched with bass and vocals, Slime and Punishment has won me over. This is nonstop, neck-breaking thrash in your face and at its best.


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