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Album Review: DISCHORDIA – Thanatopsis

DischordiaFounded in 2010, Oklahoma City Progressive Death Metal Trio, Dischordia, plan to take the metal scene by storm with the release of their new album, Thanatopsis, on Black Friday. The band’s structure is simple – with Josh Turner on Vocals and Bass, Keeno on Guitars as well as sharing vocal duties with Turner, and Josh Fallin on Drums – but this trio packs a monumental punch.

With heavyweight metal bands, such as The Dillinger Escape Plan, Decapitated, and Meshuggah, paving the way for the band, combining influences from all over the world and the death metal brutality from US bands, Dischordia brings a different perspective to the genre, creating a sound of their own.

With the impact of their debut EP Creator, Destroyer, giving the band positive press reviews and an independent tour across the US, Rogue Records America showed interest in Dischordia. The band would release, Project 19, their official full length EP, which would lead the band on several tours throughout 2013, 2014, and 2015, opening for Between the Buried and Me, Born of Osiris and Dying Fetus.

Consisting of nine tracks, Thanatopsis does not disappoint, with heavy rhythms, grand riffs and blood curdling vocals it demands your attention, grabbing you by the ear drums, from the opening of the first track “The River,” until the closing the album with “The Traveler.”


The strength of the tracks isn’t overshadowed by the mid song breaks to softer tones, piano breaks and voice overs, giving you a few seconds to gain your composure and prepare for what is coming next when the song drops back in.

My personal highlights for this album were “The River,” “The Ruin,” “An Unlikely Story,” and “Bone Hive.” The unique blend of the strong basslines, double bass punches, heavy vocals and softer bridges these songs really stuck out to me the most and made me crave more.

With an appearance from Black Crown Initiate vocalist, James Dorton, toward the end of “The Ruin,” Thanatopsis will officially be released Black Friday, through Rogue Records America.

Photo: Blaine Mayo

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