Aesthetic Perfection’s 5 Essential Albums

LA Industrial Pop Act Aesthetic Perfection recently released his dark, tuned down cover of N*SYNC’s hit single “Bye Bye Bye,” the first single off of the upcoming Ebb and Flow EP, due out next week. To find out what’s influenced his remarkable style, check out front-man Daniel Graves’s Top 5 Essential Albums.
Marilyn Manson: Antichrist Superstar
Literally the most dangerous album I’d ever heard. It was gritty and raw. It was powerful. It scared the shit out of my family and friends. It was perfect.
Depeche Mode: Violator
This is probably the most timeless record I can think of. It sounds just as good today as it did when it came out. And that’s difficult for an electronic album! Plus, it’s beautiful.
Dave Matthews’ Band: Under the Table and Dreaming
This record taught me about what true musicianship is. A group of guys who were masters of their instruments just jamming and creating some of the most amazing and well-executed music I’d ever heard. Plus it was this dreary and somber atmosphere that I really love.
Architects: All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us
Holy shit. I’ve never heard anything that was this heavy and this melodic at the same time. The production is super tight and the riffs are even tighter.
PVRIS: White Noise
Simply the most perfect dark pop record I’ve ever heard. Dreamy yet epic. Thoughtful but powerful.
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