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Unleashing the Metal Fury: Highlights from Milwaukee Metal Fest 2024

Milwaukee Metal Fest 2024 was a triumphant celebration of metal’s diverse subgenres, bringing together fans from across the spectrum for a weekend of unforgettable performances. Held at the iconic Eagles Ballroom, the festival boasted an eclectic lineup with headliners Blind Guardian, Mr. Bungle, and Slaughter to Prevail, each delivering powerful sets that left the audience wanting more.

Blind Guardian, the German power metal legends, delivered a spellbinding performance that transported the crowd into the fantastical realms their music often evokes. Hansi Kürsch’s commanding vocals soared above the intricate guitar work of André Olbrich, creating an epic atmosphere. The band’s setlist, featuring classics like “Nightfall” and “The Bard’s Song (In the Forest),” alongside newer tracks from their latest album, was a perfect blend that satisfied both long-time fans and new listeners.

Mr. Bungle
Mike Patton – Mr. Bungle

Mr. Bungle, known for their genre-defying sound and experimental approach, brought a unique and refreshing energy to the festival. Mike Patton’s versatility and dynamic stage presence were on full display, captivating the audience with a set that ranged from thrash metal to avant-garde jazz. The band’s eclectic setlist, featuring tracks from their early days to their recent reimagined thrash metal album, showcased their musical prowess and left a lasting impression on the crowd.

Slaughter to Prevail, the Russian deathcore titans, delivered a brutal and visceral performance that had the mosh pits in a constant state of chaos. Alex Terrible’s guttural vocals and commanding stage presence, combined with the band’s crushing breakdowns and relentless energy, made their set one of the most intense of the festival. Tracks like “Demolisher” and “Baba Yaga” had the crowd roaring along and thrashing with unbridled enthusiasm.

Johannes Eckerström – Avatar

The festival also featured an impressive lineup of supporting acts, ensuring there was never a dull moment. Testament, the thrash metal veterans, delivered a high-energy set that reminded everyone why they remain influential in the genre. Hatebreed’s hardcore metal anthems had the crowd chanting and moshing with fervor. In Flames brought their melodic death metal prowess, captivating the audience with a mix of classic hits and newer material. Avatar‘s theatrical performance and charismatic stage presence were a visual and auditory delight. Death To All paid homage to the legendary band Death, performing iconic tracks with precision and passion. Kamelot‘s symphonic metal, featuring soaring vocals and intricate compositions, added a grandiose touch to the festival.

Milwaukee Metal Fest was not just about the music; it was about the community. Fans from all over the country, and even some international attendees, gathered to share their passion for metal. The camaraderie was evident, with people bonding over their favorite bands and experiences. The festival’s organization was top-notch, with efficient entry and exit processes, a wide variety of food and beverage options, and ample merchandise stalls.

Milwaukee Metal Fest 2024 was a resounding success, offering a diverse lineup that celebrated the rich tapestry of metal music. With unforgettable performances from headliners Blind Guardian, Mr. Bungle, and Slaughter to Prevail, along with a strong supporting cast, the festival reaffirmed its status as a must-attend event for metal fans. For those who experienced it, this year’s festival was an exhilarating and memorable celebration of all things metal.

Words and Photos: Thomas Woroniak Photography


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