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Bloodstock 2023: A Metal Masterpiece with Unforgettable Performances and Rising Stars

Bloodstock 2023 was a roaring success, filled with powerful performances and memorable moments that left fans raving. The festival, held at Catton Park in Derbyshire, featured an impressive lineup that spanned various subgenres of metal, delivering something for every headbanger.

Highlights from the Ronnie James Dio Stage included headliners Killswitch Engage on Friday, who made their UK festival headline debut. Their set was electric, featuring hits from across their discography and a stunning use of pyro effects that had the crowd in their grip. On Saturday, Meshuggah delivered a technically dazzling performance. While some found their stage presence a bit static, their complex arrangements and powerful light show left a lasting impression.

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Royal Republic brought a surprising and energetic twist with their funky rock set, engaging the crowd with their upbeat tunes and playful stage antics. Abbath provided the black metal flair with his trademark corpse paint and intense performance, which mixed serious musicianship with a touch of humor, much to the delight of the audience.

Standout Acts on the Sophie Lancaster Stage included Tribe of Ghosts, who showcased their rising talent with a captivating set that combined strong vocals and atmospheric synths, marking their impressive climb from the New Blood Stage the previous year. Skin Failure also turned heads with their wild blend of speed metal, hardcore, and thrash, delivering a set that left many in the crowd amazed and slightly bewildered.

On the New Blood Stage, bands like Broken Calling and Soothsayer demonstrated why this stage is a hotbed for emerging talent. Broken Calling drew a large crowd despite the rain, while Soothsayer overcame sound issues to deliver a raw and emotionally intense performance.

The festival also included some unique and quirky performances. Gutalax, a Czech gore-grind band, entertained with their outlandish costumes and humorous stage antics, while TrollfesT brought Norwegian folk metal with a twist, dressed in pink tutus and delivering an infectious energy.

Overall, Bloodstock 2023 maintained its reputation as a premier metal festival, blending well-established acts with up-and-coming bands, and ensuring a diverse and electrifying experience for all attendees.


Thomas Woroniak

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