Silent Theory Set to Burn with New Music Video!

Idaho Rockers Silent Theory have released their video for “Watch Me Burn,” the second single off of their 2016, full length release, Delusions. Subversive and critical in all the best ways, “Watch Me Burn” was directed by Jon Kuritz in Moscow, ID, utilizing 5 projectors and all white costuming to screen footage of mostly news channels.

Given the state of the world right now, with the natural disasters and political turmoil, we opted for a video that mirrored the current state, though we’d never consider ourselves a political band. While we want people to interpret our song and video for themselves, it was written and directed with the premise in mind that we are all in this together, and that music can be what binds us all together. – Silent Theory

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Track List:
1. Leave Alone
2. Fragile Minds
3. Boogeyman
4. Watch Me Burn
5. Lost Forever
6. Anyways
7. Alice
8. Sever
9. Faceless
10. Outta My Head
11. One Over the Other
12. Fragile Minds (Radio Edit)


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