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REPLACIRE Release New Album, ‘Do Not Deviate’

Boston’s explosive, multi-faceted technical metal band REPLACIRE have released their forthcoming album, ‘Do Not Deviate’ worldwide today. “A plethora of humongous, technical riffs, slamming, slithering drums, noodling, prog-inflected lead melodies, and vicious, guttural vocals which occasionally transform into a soulful, enigmatic croon when you least expect it”, ‘Do Not Deviate’ is streaming now at No Clean Singing.

‘Do Not Deviate’ is available across multiple CD and LP formats at the Season of Mist E-Shop, as well as digitally at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and more!

Regarding the album stream, REPLACIRE founder and guitarist Eric Alper comments: “Every note on this record was scrutinized for intent and purpose. This resulted in shorter, heavier songs, but they still retain the density that heavy music fans can appreciate over multiple listens. We would devote entire weeks to writing/arranging. Some songs came together after a couple hours, some took days on end before they were complete. Several songs never made it to the record despite several re-writes. We ended up with an intense record; a weird, cerebral, and crushing metal album that hopefully people will latch onto.

REPLACIRE recently announced an album release tour. The tour, beginning on April 1 in Boston, and runs through the North East and Mid Atlantic. This tour features Season of Mist label-mates BARISHI on select dates. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below.


On ‘Do Not Deviate’, the Boston-based REPLACIRE rip and tear through a unique and unconventional strain of complex, aggressive metal. They blast out of the gates from the albums opening notes; charging through an intricate and idiosyncratic hybrid of death metal, thrash, and progressive modern metal. Tracks like “Horsestance”, “Built Upon the Grave of He Who Bends”, “Moonbred Chains”, the title track and more are sharp shocks to the system, and crackle with an energy that is nothing short of infectious.

The artwork and track list for ‘Do Not Deviate’ can be found below:


Track List:
1. Horsestance
2. Act, Re-enact
3. Built Upon the Grave of He Who Bends
4. Any Promise
5. Cold Repeater
6. Reprise
7. Moonbred Chains
8. Do Not Deviate
9. Spider Song
10. Traveling Through Abyss
11. Enough for One

‘Do Not Deviate’ on Bandcamp
‘Do Not Deviate’ on Spotify




Eric Alper – guitar
Poh Hock – live guitar
Zach Baskin – drums
Pariah- live drums
Evan Berry- vocals

REPLACIRE was founded by guitarist Eric Alper in 2009. The band issued its first material, the self-released full-length album ‘The Human Burden’, in 2012. The ‘The Human Burden’s unique and wide-ranging material was an ambitious statement of intent, and cemented the band a thriving reputation as a must-follow heavy bands in the region. Following ‘The Human Burden’ release, the band toured extensively through the Northeast supporting the likes of BEYOND CREATION, HATE ETERNAL, MISERY INDEX, ARTIFICIAL BRAIN and more. Footage of REPLACIRE performing “Corridors of Resolution” from ‘The Human Burden’ can be viewed here.

REPLACIRE is available for interviews upon request. To speak with the band please contact Enrique Sagarnaga via email or telephone (215-625-8400). REPLACIRE news and updates will be made available through the Season of Mist website, the REPLACIRE Facebook page.

REPLACIRE tour dates
Apr. 1 – Boston MA – Obriens (tickets) *
Apr. 2 – Greenfield MA – The Arts Block (tickets) * w/Lich King
Apr. 3 – Providence RI – Dusk *
Apr. 4 – New Haven CT – Pacific Standard Tavern (tickets)
Apr. 5 – Philadelphia PA – Kung Fu Necktie (tickets)
Apr. 6 – Baltimore, Maryland @ Metro Gallery (tickets) w/Astronoid
Apr. 7 – Greensboro, NC – NY Pizza (tickets)
Apr. 8 – Greenville SC – The Radio Room
Apr. 9 – Richmond VA – 25 Watt (tickets)
Apr. 10 – Brooklyn NY – St. Vitus Bar (Free)


What the press is saying about REPLACIRE:

Replacire’s The Human Burden is what would have happened if Chuck Schuldiner were still alive today and mixed up with the likes of Obscura and Opeth at the same time. It’s enjoyable technical metal that skips over all the flashy showmanship and dives gracefully into the otherwise murky waters of the modern progressive metal scene. In short, if you want everything you like about popular bands jammed into one 41-minute masterpiece, then you’re in the right place.” – Metal Injection

The Human Burden is an intricate technical death metal affair but gives a lot of room to Opethian passages and subdued grooves. Replacire have a complex songwriting format down pat, but not in a showy way; they use their skill to craft distinct songs. Truly one of the few bands I would feel comfortable calling progressive death metal.” – No Clean Singing

The Human Burden is easily one of the best technical death metal albums you’ll have heard in a long time, if not for the simple reason that it doesn’t try so damn hard to be technical death metal. Think of Replacire‘s writing style as if Opeth just took on the Jarzombek brothers to join them in the studio and jam on some new ideas for a record; grounded in musicality, but damn is there some insanity.” – Heavy Blog is Heavy


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