MR. BIG – New Album ‘Defying Gravity’ Out 07.07.17


‘Defying Gravity’

new album out 07.07.17

OK, we’re rolling….
The call went out. Time for a new MR. BIG album. Recorded in Los Angeles in under a week, the boundless result of the undoubted musical talent within the group is ‘Defying Gravity,their ninth original studio album. Its release will also signal the start of a world tour.

Original members Eric Martin (lead vocals), Paul Gilbert (guitars), Billy Sheehan (bass) and Pat Torpey (drums) reunited with producer Kevin Elson (who also helmed the band’’s 1989 self-titled debut, 1991’’s ‘Lean Into It’ and 1993’’s ‘Bump Ahead’) for an intensive six day recording session in LA. Torpey was unable to perform on some songs due to a recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, with Matt Starr filling in for him. Starr has been touring with the band for the last two years, with Torpey playing a couple of songs at each show.


“It was great to get back in the studio with our original producer,” says guitarist Paul Gilbert.

“Kevin Elson recorded all of our original classic albums from the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, and we immediately felt that magic chemistry with him on this new record. We basically played live in the studio. Over the years, we’ve all had a chance to experiment with every recording technique possible, but it’’s still always the best just to play together as a band. Most of my guitar solos were tracked live with the band. I’ve worked hard on my improvisation in the last few years and it really paid off on this record, both melodically and on the face-melting stuff.”

“Defying Gravity” is the follow-up to “The Stories We Could Tell” [2014], which was well received by both the media and the band’s large, devoted fanbase. Currently gearing up for the start of their latest world tour, which commences May 31st in Milwaukee, Gilbert states that “2017 is filling up quickly with tour dates all around the world. “I can’t wait to play the new songs, and of course favourites from the old days like “Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy”, “Just Take My Heart”,”Green Tinted Sixties Mind”, “Wild World” and “To Be With You”. 


Eric Martin – Vocals
Paul Gilbert – Guitar
Billy Sheehan- Bass
Pat Torpey- drums
with Matt Starr –- drums
Produced by Kevin Elson
Mr. Big

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