Karabas Barabas Showcase Midtown Manhattan Madness in “Fuckarana”!

It doesn’t seem long ago that we were premiering the wacky new track from Brooklyn psych-rockers Karabas Barabas, but they’ve since released their second full length album, Sex with the Deviland now we’re getting treated to a music video for that same track, the endlessly entertaining “Fuckarana.” Filmed in Midtown Manhattan and including many of the iconic characters known to inhabit the street scene, including the infamous ‘Mascot Mafia’, “Fuckarana” is exactly the enigmatic visualization we’ve come to expect from the trio.

“Our rehearsal space is in midtown and, over the years, we’ve developed a love/hate relationship. With ‘Fuckarana’ we feel we accurately captured the essence of the insanity that is midtown.” – Karabas Barabas

Track List:
1. Sex with the Devil
2. Lahey
3. 50/50
4. Alcohol
5. That 70’s Song
6. Immaculate Convection
7. Fuckarana
8. You Can’t Do That
9. High Five
10. Jacques Lemaire


Click HERE to Download Sex with the Devil

Click HERE for Full Album Stream


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