Minneapolis based Watch Them Fly are known for their metalcore riffs, hooky melodies and intelligent lyrics all delivered with a post-hardcore punch. Their new EP entitled The Veil drops on August 9th.
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How is your new EP The Veil coming along and when can fans expect a release date to be announced?

The EP is finished and ready to be heard! The release date will be on 8/9/16 and the EP can be found across all major digital platforms!

WTF EP The Veil

What is the overall theme of The Veil? Anything especially rad to look out for?

The theme we chose for “The Veil EP” is one that resembles a spiritually dark fairytale. It’s packed with imagery, huge guitar riffs and emotion.

Who writes the lyrics? Do the lyrics come first or do you layer them on top of written music?

Paul writes all of his own lyrics as well as vocal parts and we do both as far as what comes first. Sometimes we layer vocals to the music and sometimes we put the music to the vocals. It depends on the song and what kind of feel we are going for.

Tell readers what a Watch Them Fly live performance is like. Why should we go to your shows?

Fans can expect a fast-paced, high-energy, in-your-face type of performance. We leave our souls on the stage and give it everything we have to leave the concertgoer feeling as if they were a part of something great. The reason fans should come see us is because we give a raw performance and go ham every time.

Are there any weird rituals certain members of the band follow before getting on stage? Details please.

We all usually do a pre-show shot and then group hug it out and take the stage. Not too many weird rituals besides that.

It always takes a toll trying to balance home life, work life, and band life. What are some of the things you wish you had more time for?

We wish we could go out to eat more and that our meals weren’t mostly fast food. The biggest thing we all wish for is that we could work less and play music more.

When all of the members of the group were kids, did any of you chase something other than music?

Paul wanted to be a pro hockey player. Corey wanted to be a karate sensei. Austin wanted to be a housekeeper for a small, side-of-the-road bed and breakfast. Nick wanted to be a professional underwater basket weaver. The usual childhood dreams.


What instruments did you first learn how to play? How old were you when you first picked up that guitar or drumsticks?

Paul was five when he picked up his first instrument which was guitar. Corey was nine and his first instrument was trumpet. Austin was born with drumsticks in his hand. As for Nick…well we’re still not sure when he learned how to play guitar.

What’s the spiciest thing any of you have ever eaten? Details please.

Corey ate some hot sauce when we were at the Mall of America and it was 6 times hotter than the hottest extract you can get.

Where can fans see Watch Them Fly perform next?

We are still waiting to get our dates figured for our next string of performances. We will be posting on our facebook and twitter with more details.

If you could ask anyone living or dead one question, who and what would it be?

We would go back in time and ask Genghis Khan, “You mad, bro?”

Describe in detail your ultimate 2017.

We would like to record and release our full-length album, tour as much as possible, meet as many fans as we can and hear their stories.

Anything else you would like to tell your present and future fans?

Thanks so much for the support and for believing in us and our music . We are doing our best to play shows near you as soon as we can. Love, Watch Them Fly (WTF)

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