Interview: Chuck Mosley’s Top 5 Essential Albums!

Chuck Mosley, best known as the original front-man of mega-alternative rock band Faith No More as well as iconic Bad Brains has gathered his posse from his current Reintroduce Yourself Tour to drop what he knows you need, their Top  Essential Albums!

Cake: Fashion Nugget 

Cris: When I think of Cake I think of the tone of the guitar; twangy, super original, instantly recognizable. 

Randy: Anyone that can fit the line, “dice that hang like testicles from rear view mirrors” deserves some respect. 

Doug: My main fascination with Cake is how they can fill an entire album with background “hey’s, Ho’s, all-rights, and huh-ya’s”, without retreading. The track, “Race car ya-ya’s” is an unsettled masterpiece

Chuck: I like it to. Good driving music. What time do we have to be at the club?



Iggy Pop: Avenue B

Randy: We’ve had this on way too heavy rotation in the tour van. I love Iggy Pop, but we need Lust For Life more instead.

Cris: Classic sound. Simple, but cool. I agree we need more cd’s in the van.

Doug: Iggy Pop and I obviously had way different experiences on Avenue B. I could never relax enough there to write/produce an introspective, atmospheric collection like this. I imagine Iggy feels at ease anywhere at anytime. Cool as always. 

Chuck: I look at Iggy Pop like I look at my father: if I could be half the man he is, when I die, I might have achieved something. 



Portishead: Third

Cris: I love Portishead. All of ’em. Spooky, 90’s boom-bap. 

Randy: Beth Gibbons’s vocals are like a loving hug and I can always use more hugs. The band are geniuses.

Chuck: It has two of my all time favorite songs on it. I absolutely love Beth’s voice, the cover, and the content. She can do no wrong in my ears. Perfect.

Doug: “We Carry On” is unsettling, “Silence” is unresolved, and “Machine Gun” is as intense as any other music I’ve heard, and yet I can’t get enough. So many moods conveyed in one collection.




Led Zeppelin: III

Randy: What is there to say that hasn’t been said; best rock n roll band there will ever be. This added to an already perfect catalog. At my old house we had a 72 hour Zeppelin marathon and made sure someone was awake at all times to switch vinyl and no one ever suggested we stop.

Cris: John Bohnam is the man.


Doug: Tangerine is an unsung masterpiece. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp is impossible not to head bob and smile along with. Immigrant Song makes me want to ride a horse and storm castles. 

Chuck: Since I’ve Been Loving You.




Metallica: Master of Puppets 

Randy: The best album of the their three disc discography. I also enjoy “And Justice for Jason”

Cris: Dude, what are you serious? That album might be why I play guitar. 

Doug: During my first band tryout I was asked to sing “Sanatarium” by Andy Herrick(Chimaira) and I didn’t know the words. The other guys in the room we’re done with me at that point. As far as Metallica goes, it’s my favorite album. 

Chuck: it’s an awesome fucking record. I saw them play that live when they opened for Ozzy and it was relentless. 




Experience Chuck Mosley LIVE on the Reintroduce Yourself Tour:

08/30 @ 89th Street Collective – Oklahoma City, OK
08/31 @ The Prophet Bar – Dallas, TX
09/01 @ Hi-Tone – Memphis, TN (w/HEELS)
09/02 @ Star Bar – Atlanta, GA
09/03 @ The Sparrow – Charleston, SC
09/05 @ Altamont Theatre – Asheville, NC *
09/06 @ Calico Room – Wilmington, NC
09/08 @Jj’s Bohemia – Chattanooga, TN
09/09 @ The Open Chord – Knoxville, TN
09/10 @ Springwater Supper Club – Nashville, TN
09/29 @ Dingbatz – Clifton, NJ
09/30 @ Country Corner – Setauket, NY
10/01 @ Ralph’s Diner – Worcester, MA
10/02 @ Little Joe’s Bar And Grill – Lewiston, ME
10/04 @ TBA – Syracuse, NY
10/05 @ The Mohawk – Buffalo, NY
10/06 @ Phantasy – Cleveland, OH *
10/07 @ Papa Pete’s – Kalamazoo, MI
10/10 @ Big’s Bar – Sioux Falls, SD
10/12 @ Prohibition Hall – Kansas City, MO
11/03 @The Agora (with Dog Fashion Disco) – Cleveland, OH



Chuck Mosley has been reported dead at least three times in his life, but he says, “In reality its only happened once.”

Now in the second year of his Reintroduce Yourself tour, which includes “a mix of old songs going back to the Haircuts That Kill days up through new material no more than a month old,” Chuck’s stubborn resilience has kept his career going through many phases. Currently playing out as a “semi-acoustic” four piece (including Cris Morgan on guitar, Joshua Nelson on bass, and Douglas Esper on percussion) Chuck is still challenging the boundaries of musical genres.

Last year saw VUA, who Chuck handles vocals/guitar duties in, release, Demos For Sale, on EMP Records (A label run by David Ellefson of Megadeth and Thom Hazaert), he sang and played guitar on the latest from indie group Indoria, even recording an early version of his song “Bella Donna” for their EP, You’ll Never Make The Six. He also reunited with his old friends from Faith No More for two shows to celebrate the re-release of “We Care A Lot,” which cracked the Billboard top 200, thirty one years after its initial release..

This year, EMP will reissue Cement’s The Man With The Action Hair, which was shelved just before its release due to a van accident that left Chuck with a broken back, unable to tour for over a year. The album was remastered by Bill Metoyer and features new artwork by Pip Logan.

Chuck also assumed lead vocal duties for Primitive Race, who will release their second disc, Soul Pretender this November through Metropolis. The album also features founding member Chris Kniker, a formidable record executive producer/producer for the likes of Lords of AcidtweakerProngRevCoKMFDM and more. Kniker is joined by Dale Crover (MELVINS), Mark Gemini Thwaite (Peter MurphyThe MissionTricky), Erie Loch (WiccidBlownload) and the aforementioned Chuck Mosley. Primitive Race recently found themselves embroiled in an online scandal with pop sensation and form child star Corey Feldman, who felt compelled to block them on twitter.

While playing extensively through the US, the U.K., and France, Chuck spit out a dozen or so new songs, which are being fine-tuned in preparation for an upcoming recording session with renowned producer Matt Wallace (Maroon 5MushroomheadDeftones)

When asked about producing Chuck’s new songs, Mr. Wallace said, “I’m fucking thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Chuck again. I’ve always been a die hard fan of the honesty in his lyrics and his deceptively simple melodies, that always become earworms and soulworms.”

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