SHIPROCKED 2018: Interview with JOYOUS WOLF

Young quartet Joyous Wolf is Southern California’s little ball of fire. Soon to engulf the nation with their high energy performances and swanky tunes, Joyous Wolf has caught the eye of many. Their music is a blend of bluesy grooves and classic rock that will bring out the fire as well as swaying emotions within.

Bassist Greg Braccio and drummer Robert Sodaro talk about the formation of Joyous Wolf, the band’s influences, and more.

ANTIHERO: How has your first Shiprocked experience been so far? This is your first year, correct?

Robert: Yes, crazzzyyy!

Greg: Pretty unreal. Actually, completely unreal.

ANTIHERO: Did either of you really have any expectations coming onto the boat?

Greg: I didn’t have any expectations, but everyone told me to be prepared. So, I’m like, “Alright, yeah. I’ll be prepared.” Be prepared for anything, I guess.

ANTIHERO: Where is Joyous Wolf from, and how did you all meet?

Greg: We’re all from Southern California in Orange County. Nick was in some other band that fell apart. He decided he didn’t want to do that anymore. He wanted to start a new thing. He’s known Robert, the drummer, since 6th grade. Their names in the alphabet sat right next to each other. A year prior to starting the band, he met Blake in a Guitar Center of all places, in the acoustic room. They jammed a little bit and exchanged info. They had another bassist for the first 5-6 months. I went to their first show before I joined. The other guy decided to pursue other things, so they’re like, “Oh, I know who to call.” Then I just joined.

ANTIHERO: Bam, that’s it. How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard of you before? To me, it almost sounds like a… classic rock version of Soundgarden.

Robert: Nah, we’ve heard Soundgarden before.

Greg: We love Soundgarden. That’s definitely not off.

Robert: I was wearing a Soundgarden shirt yesterday.

Greg: Definitely hard blues rock, I would say. There’s definitely the older influences, but we’re trying to make something current about it.

ANTIHERO: Who would you say has influenced your music?

Greg: Oh boy… (laughs)

Robert: Uh, right now, I guess a lot of Black Sabbath. Nick is into all kinds of stuff. Nick’s been influenced by a lot of 50’s. He loves Elvis. He loves all the blues singers. That’s probably why he gets so emotional on stage.

Greg: As far as other bands, Zeppelin. I think Zeppelin influences everyone whether they admit it or not. A lot of 90’s. Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine. All of those bands are amazing.

Joyous WolfANTIHERO: How would you describe Nick’s dance moves, if you had to pick a name for it?


Greg: Going insane. It started more just as spazzing out, but he formulated that energy into dancing. It’s super cool.

ANTIHERO: Definitely entertaining.

Greg: Apparently, he’s pretty flexible.

ANTIHERO: What hobbies could we expect to see you doing outside of music?

Both: Hmm…

Greg: Definitely exercising. I try to stay in shape most of the time.

Robert: I don’t know. I seriously can’t think of anything outside of music.

ANTIHERO: What’s your favorite card game?

Robert: Hearts. I love Hearts.

Greg: I don’t know if I have one, to be honest. I’ll play anything.

ANTIHERO: What plans do we have for 2018?

Greg: A lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that we can’t exactly say at the moment. We’re playing a bunch of festivals so far in April and May. Welcome to Rockville in Florida, Carolina Rebellion, Rock on The Range, Las Rageous, and I think we’re doing Rock USA now. There will be more touring soon, stuff like that.

ANTIHERO: Are you all blown away by playing large festivals like that?

Both: Yes!

Greg: A lot of confusion went through my mind. I was like, “Oh, I guess we’re doing this.” I didn’t really have time to think about it.

Robert: People tell you stuff, and you’re used to people saying “Oh yeah, you’re going to play this. This is going to be amazing.” You get there, and there’s only like two people… The classic thing you go through as a band. Someone is like, “You’re playing this festival.” So, you’re like, “Ah, yeah sure.” We finally get there to play, and we’re like, “Oh… yeah. this is real.” (laughs)

ANTIHERO: Well, congratulations. Any last thoughts you’d like to say to your fans?

Greg: I would say just be on the lookout for hopefully some new music coming later this year. Again, nothing announced officially yet, but there are things definitely in the works.


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