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Alaska’s 36 CRAZYFISTS released their deeply personal new album Lanterns on September 29 through Spinefarm Records. It is their second release for the label and the follow up to 2014’s Time and Trauma.

Music often functions as that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and provides shelter during any storm and calm in the middle of tumult. 36 Crazyfists understand this phenomenon firsthand. In fact, the Anchorage quartet—Brock Lindow [vocals], Steve Holt [guitar], Mick Whitney [bass], and Kyle Baltus [drums]—find catharsis within chaos on their aptly titled seventh full-length.

The band has shared the first track from the record in the form of “Death Eater.” Listen to the song here.

About releasing “Death Eater” into the wild, Lindow said, “It’s a reflection of self and the dwellings of rock bottom, discovering the tools to dig yourself out, and refusing to let yourself free fall into the abyss of hopelessness. Love, forgive, and never give in. In fact, Lanterns is about the fight within us all… forever refusing to sink.”

Lanterns is available for pre-order here

We had the chance of a quick chat with frontman Brock Lindow ahead of the band’s UK tour. 

ANTIHERO: How has your vision for the band changed or altered since it was first formed? Can you attempt to explain the bands enduring appeal and longevity?

Brock Lindow: The vision of the band and how it’s changed over the years… hmmm, well I can’t say it’s changed all that much, best friends creating music together. It was always our passion, our love, and we had this vision of touring and in the early years that what it consisted of. Did I think I would be so lucky to see the world because of music? Definitely not, but as time has rolled on I know that the dedication we all showed for our band has always been at the forefront of our lives and that has been a very consistent thing. Our appeal? Well it’s because we are so dang good looking, isn’t it? Ha, Maybe because we have always been that blue-collar band, the boys you could approach at any time and say hello and most definitely always find in the bar having a great time with our people.

ANTIHERO: Where do you turn to or what gets you through the dark and difficult times-the band has had certainly more than its fair share or trials and traumas?

Brock Lindow: Music has always been there for me in my times of sorrow and it has provided a tremendous amount of healing for me as well.

ANTIHERO: The latest album Lanterns sounds -sonically different compared to previous releases.Was anything done differently in terms of creating the music this time around?

Brock Lindow: Not at all, just another chapter in the band’s long-running story, we never really sit and discuss how one album should sound compared to the previous. We just do what we do and that’s the product of that.

ANTIHERO: In terms of the songwriting process does it actually become more difficult or easier to come up with fresh and new ideas each time the band decides to start a new album?

Brock Lindow: I’ve always leaned on my life experiences to write our lyrics, so, fortunately, I’ve had plenty of ups and downs to write quite a few songs over the years. 

ANTIHERO: Your band through touring has taken you all over the world, do you have a particular favorite place or country in which to experience its lifestyle culture and education?

Brock Lindow: Well, it’s no secret the UK embraced us first and we have had a very special relationship with the people at the shows but and as the years have gone on we have been fortunate to see many other countries and it’s all be an extremely wonderful and worldly experience.

ANTIHERO: You seem to portray a lot of angst and anger through the band’s songs on stage, are you a pretty chilled and calm guy off stage in general life?


Brock Lindow: I am, for the most part, I have learned a lot in my life and I had times in my life I wasn’t as mellow, but I guess that’s the aging process right;). 

ANTIHERO: What in your life both professionally and also personally are you most proud of?

Brock Lindow: I’m very proud to be a parent to the most amazing 8-year-old girl, she is my everything and being her dad is the end all be all for me.

ANTIHERO: Who would be the most inspirational musician that you have worked with?

Brock Lindow: My guitar player. Steve Holt is a special man. Musically we have gelled together for 23 years and I have the utmost respect for him and his talents. I feel very lucky to have him in my life and the backdrop he has provided for me and my lyrics.

ANTIHERO: You have been in the public eye through your chosen career for many years-but does fame come at a price?

Brock Lindow: Well if there was a price it has been that we have missed certain things that people who work in one place haven’t. Birthdays, holidays, etc. Being on the road all these years has been a blessing but Luke anything it has its ups and downs and as I have gotten older I like to be home a lot more but the touring hasn’t slowed down too much yet:)

ANTIHERO: Any new/upcoming bands that you can recommend to me?

Brock Lindow: I like the classics, so I’m not too up on the new bands, to be honest.

ANTIHERO: Which song do you love to perform the most?

Brock Lindow: I like the songs that the crowds sing back to me, The older ones seem to have that feel, Slit Wrist, Bloodwork, At the end of August etc.  

ANTIHERO: Do you still have hopes/dreams ambitions and goals or has your life already ticked all those boxes for you personally?

Brock Lindow: My hopes and dreams are to stay healthy and live a long and adventuress life!

ANTIHERO: How do you unwind when you are not performing and creating music-any interests/hobbies that may surprise people?

Brock Lindow: It’s hockey 24/7 at my house, now that my daughter plays it’s pretty much my favorite thing to do, hang with the other hockey parents at the rink and watch our kids do what I loved growing up doing.

ANTIHERO: If roles were reversed and you could interview somebody – a personal hero or role model – who would you choose and why?

Brock Lindow: There are so many amazing people to sit with and discuss their lives, I guess if it’s anyone I wouldn’t mind sitting down with someone that has really created their own lane like Mark Cuban or Elon Musk, just super creative people that have had such success in their lives.


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