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Ghosts Again Announce “The Closest Thing To Closure” EP, Release New Single

Post hardcore band Ghosts Again has announced the release of their new EP, The Closest Thing To Closure. The five track EP which includes the trios latest single “Les Enfants Terribles”, is set to release April 22nd and will be available on all online music retailers. Produced by Philip Wilson of Earmark Studios and mixed by John Harrell of The Sound Barn, this EP will shed new light to the post hardcore genre with the unique Ghosts Again sound.

With the album announcement comes the band’s new hard hitting single, “Pant’s Division” which can be heard below. Pre-order The Closest Thing To Closure HERE.

“”Pant’s Division” is probably my favorite song on the upcoming record. It was the last song we wrote for the EP and in writing this one, it felt like we finally pulled together our sound into something cohesive and our own. Musically, it’s the most diverse song we’ve done and we’re proud of that. Lyrically, the song draws inspiration from from concepts of “hell” and the underworld, really questioning what it is to be dead. Hopefully inspiring listeners to really contemplate the consequences of life, death, and spiritual belief on their own.”comments, vocalist, Alex Cortright.



About Ghosts Again:

Ghosts Again is a post hardcore outfit, sonically booming with aggressive, “in your face” riffs, and anthemic, emotionally driven melodies. Formed from the ashes of former projects, Close Up on the Quiet Ones and Messenger Down, these three musicians have come together to push each other to their limits to create a sound that’s all their own.

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