BUBBLES EROTICA Takes on Love and Despair with “Cloak and Dagger”

Chicago 4 piece outfit Bubbles Erotica–and note we left out a defining phrase like metal or rock or alternative, cause about the only thing definable here is their geographic location–are staying on the radar following the intense music video for the first single, “Cicada Arcade,” off of their now available debut, self-titled album, with the follow up, “Cloak And Dagger.” Where “Cicada Arcade” was political in its approach and irreverently dark in presentation, “Cloak And Dagger” is more straight up rock, simplified and minimal visually, though continuing that same level of unpredictable, auditory dissonance. Launching with an eerie, female vocalization of “He Needs Me” (and if you’re too young, it’s the Harry Nilsson song that Shelley Duvall owned in 1980’s Popeye), the song quickly turns to headbanging and, equally abruptly, to poignant near crooning against an orchestraic fabric, all the way to straight up growls and screams as the track highlights their metal intensity, not only showcasing lead singer Philip Hasso’s incredibly expressive vocals but the phenomenal handle that each member of this band has on timing and structure.  In an era where repetitiveness seems the norm, Bubbles Erotica is absolutely poised to make some major noise!

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