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Army Of The Universe Returns with Diverse Industrial Collection, ‘1999 & The Aftershow’

The fusion of electronic and rock known as ‘Industrial Music’ has always been a fairly vague concept, encompassing numerous different tones and imagery, but is most frequently associated with the Gothic and Rave scenes.  What it’s always been about is experimentation, though, from the Electronic, Acid House wanderings of Wumpscut to the Shock/Ambient Rock flourishes of Skinny Puppy.  Relative newcomers to the Industrial Music World (having just formed in 2008 vs. the 1980s and 90s) Army Of The Universe has taken up the rather formidable challenge of continuing to push the limits of the genre, and their newest offering, 1999 & The Aftershow, fulfills expectations brilliantly.  Both headbang worthy AND danceable, the incredibly diverse 13 track offering from the Italian trio satisfies with such gems as the classic heavy dance  energy of “1999” to the trippy techno “I Lost My Sound,” and delicate, anthemic “The Albert Hotel”.  Take a listen to the album, and order your digital or physical copy below!

“We built 1999 & The Aftershow on modern sound design with inspiration from the dark wave, industrial, and underground scenes; we believe it’s our most diverse album to date.”Army Of The Universe

912tvpxwctl-_sl1500_Track List
1. 1999
2. Down Till Dusk
3. Another Escape
4. Digital Slag
5. Zeus (My Own Rebel)
6. I Lost My Sound
7. The Aftershow
8. Little Paranoia
9. Snake Was Rhight
10. Late Detroit Nights
11. Nobody 2.0
12. The Albert Hotel
13. Ninety Ninety Noise (B…ACK)


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