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Album Review: PHOENIX RISING – Ignite

Self-Released EP - 29 July 2018

Phoenix RisingI believe in fate, kismet, if you will. So, when I stumbled a crossed the email from this bands publicist on the 1-year anniversary of Chester Bennington’s death, I knew I had to pay attention. I was quick to hear the influence of Linkin Park in the first track I heard off the EP, Ignite. This caught my attention, but it was the solid musicality of the song as a whole that made me want more. At first listen, the Dallas, Texas-based band seems to fit into the melodic metalcore genre, but as my grandma Skullgurl said, “Labels are for clothing, not for music”. So, I hate to really categorize this band other than they are badass Metal. That, coming from me, should be enough to get your little fanny perpendiculars off Skyrim and checking out this EP. Still need more reasons? Look below and I will give you 4 more really killer ones!

Song numero uno, “Do You Know” sucks you in with that hook-filled nu-metal sound, then hits the listener with a full-on assault of flawless kickdrum and synchronic guitar. Vocals are a hybrid of grit and purity, with lyrics that drip with venomous malice. If hate had a sound, it would be this song.

“Open Up”, the second song on Ignite, is a multilayered symphony of musical badassedness. Each instrumental line is perfectly crafted to showcase the musician’s prowess, yet the lines intertwine flawlessly to become one magnificent metal voice. Vocals rise above the beautifully crafted chaos leaving a lasting impression on the listener’s soul.

Song #3, If I Say No” a more poignant track, showcasing vocal versatility, transitioning from hardcore delivery of the lyrics to a pure pitch filled chorus. An absolute perfect storm of beauty and viciousness set to a powerful musical score. Click away to check out the video right meow!

“Lights Out”, the final song on “Ignite” is the shining jewel of this EP. If Marilynn Manson and Powerman 5000 had a baby, it would be this song. I can’t lie, I could not fight the urge to headbang to this song. The energy in the delivery of this song will make you feel invincible and ready to fuck shit up. If you are like me, you have a playlist of songs that you listen to when you wanna get pumped up, this song needs to be added to that list. Check out the video here!

So, there ya have it, I have pretty much made submerging yourselves in the awesome that is Phoenix Rising effortless with all the links I have provided. If you still are having a brain fart and can’t figure out which link to click on, here is the granddaddy of all the Phoenix Rising links,

Kent Summerour – Vocals
Scott Lathwood – Vocals 
Lee Deane – Guitar 
Mark Ridlen – Synth 
Allan Kurt – Bass 
James Espinoza – Drums



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