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Album Review: MEMORIES IN BROKEN GLASS – Enigma Infinite

Memories In Broken Glass With a unique blend of post punk, metalcore and electronic metal, Texas quintet, Memories In Broken Glass have already been making waves in their home state since the band’s creation in 2009. The frequent SXSW participants signed with Hammer Forged Records to release their first full length album, Enigma Infinite.

Drawing influences from bands like Periphery, Meshuggah and Tesseract, Memories In Broken Glass create a very attractive sound with their use of clean guitar riffs, harmonics and soft drumming to build the atmosphere of their songs before dropping in with heavy distorted tones and strong vocals. The mix of brutal and melodic vocals gives the band the sound of a two frontman-driven tone; the main sound permeates from the vocal cords of Saul Castillo – who took over vocal duties after the departure of the band’s former vocalists in 2014 – with Bassist, Randy King and Guitarist Justin Garcia, sharing back-up vocal duties. After weeks of auditions and submissions, the band found Castillo, who gave them new hope as they expanded their reach and focused more on creating their official debut.

The album itself was fantastic on all levels, from the powerhouse songs like “Through The Eyes of Deception,” “Contrast of Despair,” and “Waves,” to the 5-minute instrumental “Odyssey” and even the softest song on the release “Ember,” which gave Castillo room to show his softer vocal tones, with its slower paced clean guitars and soft drumming.


Enigma Infinite is an album that you will not want to miss if you are a fan of the above mentioned heavy hitters. Memories In Broken Glass might be newcomers to the main stage, but I think they have a promising career in front of them. The album is available through Hammer Forged Records and the band’s website, if you are a fan of the band be sure to catch them as they tour promoting their debut release.


James Geiser

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