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Album Review: EVE TO ADAM – Odyssey

After a successful breakout release of Locked and Loaded in 2013, New York rock outfit, Eve to Adam, recently headed back into the studio to begin production on their sophomore release, Odyssey. Eve to Adam brought in heavy hitting producers Michael “Elvis” Baskette (Alter Bridge, Slash and Tremonti) and Zardonic, who is a staple in the Electronic Rock genre, to help mold the new album, blending the genres and creating a unique sound. The band’s anthem driven sound, backed by heavy guitar riffs made them stand out from the crowd, attracting fans of bands like Pop Evil, Skillet and Breaking Benjamin.

Eve to Adam frontman, Taki Sassaris says, “Rock and Roll is far from dead, and in fact it is making a huge comeback. I have dedicated my life to the fact that there is no greater, dynamic live art form than a Rock band firing on all cylinders, leaving a piece of their soul on stage and taking the crowd with them on a roller coaster ride through the emotional spectrum of the human experience” and the band’s new album does just that.

With a perfect blend of Electronic Rock and Rock, Odyssey is what I feel has been missing from the genre for a long time. The band creates heavy and dynamic tracks, with multiple layers of tones, sounds, stellar songwriting and vocal execution. From the opening track “Altitude,” the release had my full undivided attention. It truly fires on all cylinders, giving the listener a new sound with elements of the genres that we have come to love.


The stand out tracks for me personally were “Altitude,” “Undertow,” “Landfill,” “Hurt Me,” and “Day Drinkin’.” Personally, the songwriting on these tracks is the element that made them stand out the most to me. Now, don’t get me wrong, the entire album itself has amazing musicianship and composition.

Trust me when I say you will not want to miss this extravagant emotional journey that is Eve to Adam’s Odyssey, which is out now.


James Geiser

James Geiser is a former award winning Television News Photojournalist and internationally published photographer, after spending five years in the local television news media being bound by the creative restraints of content based production, he decided to leave his job in television to find his love for photography and video production again. He is a former student at Winston-Salem State University, where he majored in Mass Communications and Digital broadcast operations. He is not only just a journalist but he is also an experienced videographer, delivering a multimedia journalistic addition to Antihero Magazine

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