Interview: Unveil the Strength

Unveil the Strength is a new supergroup of sorts made up of former members of Devolved, Five Finger Death Punch and Flatline featuring Mark Wölfe, Andy James, Matt Snell, Matt Guillory, and Tim Hassemer. They are currently recording their debut album as well as currently filming videos for the new songs. Here is Mark Wölfe and Matt Snell.

Hello gentlemen, how are things in the Unveil the Strength camp today?

Doing well, thank you for asking.

How did UTS come together? And how does it differ from the other bands that you came from?

The band started with Matt and I. I showed him something I was working on and he said let’s do it, I’m in. Finding the right people has been the key. You need driven people that are hungry. This band is different because everyone has the Vision, everyone wants to work. We don’t want to do it, we need to do it.

“Vengeance and Misery” is a very rockin’ tune. What is that song all about?

“Vengeance and Misery” is about destroying the part of you that’s trying to kill you. The song was to bring awareness to 22Kill which is a non-profit for veterans battling PTSD. They are a solid foundation and help a lot of people. If you want to help veterans I encourage you to check them out.

What image do you think your music conveys?

Honestly, I don’t know. I wake up every day and focus on getting things done. We are just doing what we do. We don’t really pay attention to anyone else.

How aggressively will you be hitting the road in 2019?

We are currently looking at options. It comes down to timing for us as we are wrapping up production on the record and arranging travel for all the members to be in the same place at the same time. It’s something we obsess over daily, so there is that.

How do you personally prep for touring?

Nothing really changes for me. I keep a pretty tight regiment of work, exercise, and family. Making sure my shop runs while I’m gone and planning visits from family I would say is the majority of it.

What do you miss most when you’re on tour?

My wife, kids and of course my wiener dog Mafia.

What are some of your pet peeves that happen on tour and how have you learned to avoid them?


Hmm, I guess my only complaint is not adhering to the schedule. Waiting on others who refuse to respect the “group” when we travel. Oh… and cigarette smokers in the band/crew… c’mon.. it’s like 2019 already… quit that shit and don’t gripe about money when you’re blowing cash on smokes.

You two have the most epic beards in UtS. And actually most other bands as well. Any competition going on between you two?

I think Matt wins that one. I’m afraid if I shaved no one would take me seriously.

How about with the clean shaven guys in the band?

There is no beard requirement. Andy has a nice starter kit going.

With UtS being a long distance relationship between members how will future video projects be filmed? Animation? Live action narrative with actors? Other?

We are currently storyboarding videos. So we answer those questions as they come. Personally, I prefer proper videos, with a story, actors and so on. Straight up performance videos are great, but when we can “tell the story”it’s more fun. More work and more money, but so much better when it is finished. Distance is nothing, we live in an amazing time where we can book our own travel and sit like King Midas in a flying ship which delivers us to any destination. So, travel is all done in a day.

At this point what else would you like everyone to know about Unveil the Strength?

Unveil the strength is a mentality. It’s about being resilient, it’s about the fight, it’s about lifting up others, it’s about accepting your imperfections and overcoming them. It’s about selflessness. Accepting failure but never quitting.

Unveil the Strength is:
Mark Wölfe – Vocals (Devolved)
Matt Snell – Bass (5FDP, MYACUMEN, INVIDIA)
Andy James – Guitar (Sacred Mother Tongue, Andy James Guitar Academy)
Matt Guillory – Keys/Programming (Stratovarious, James La Brie solo records, Mike Varney)
Tim Hassemer – Drums (Flatline, MYACUMEN)

Connect with Unveil the Strength:


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