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When Emily Lazar (September) envisioned the story behind September Mourning while living in New York City, and then worked with Marc Silvestri to develop the concept further, she gave life to an artistic vision that is much greater than the sum of its parts. September Mourning is a dark fantasy, multiplatform media project that encompasses a very theatrical stage presence that involves lights, props, costumes, along side a very rich storyline that is conveyed through the songwriting and musical elements. In addition to the live performance aspects, there are also plans to release a graphic novel that tells the tale of September and the other reapers, as well as other surprises that are waiting for fans in the near future.

AntiHero Magazine got a chance to chat with September/Emily and asked a few questions about the upcoming album and what the future holds for September Mourning.

September Mourning

AntiHero: 2015 is shaping up to be a huge year for the artistic vision of September Mourning. You have a new full length album coming out this year, as well as plans to incorporate other forms of media to help tell the saga of the characters portrayed in the band. What can you tell us about your upcoming album being released this Spring/Summer, and can you share any details of the storyline?

September: Yes, We are very excited to bring this project to life… As far as the story that this was all founded upon, the character of September Mourning is a human-reaper hybrid, who feels the need to give some human souls a second chance at life, and thus disregards the direct orders of Fate. The music is an extension of this story in musical form. The album is meant to take the listener on an emotional journey and touch on different aspects of the storyline.

I’m excited to experience what September Mourning has in store for fans with the transmedia aspect of the story. Can you tell us about what you have planned for the “virtual” stage, and how that will play into your physical live performance?

In our Live performance we strive to bring the world of Mortem (Where September and the reapers are from) to life…. Through Visual Stage props, lighting, backdrops and scenery… everything is meant to bring you into our world. Virtually we have a bunch of surprises in store 😉

As part of the multiplatform vision for September Mourning, you are about to release a graphic novel that will bring to life the narrative of the concept you had envisioned. Marc Silvestri at Top Cow Productions is a huge player in the world of comics/graphic novels. How has his involvement in the project helped shape it and make it a reality?

Marc Silvestri was one of the first people I worked with on the September Mourning concept. He is a mogul in the world of comics and we have always wanted to bring this story to the world through comics. The project as a whole as you know is very visual…. a visual storyboard in comic book form seemed like the most appropriate way to go.

I am really looking forward to checking out the comic. Do you have an expected release date for the graphic novel?

At the moment we are working towards a release in late Summer.


The upcoming album was produced by Howard Benson, who has quite an extensive résumé of artists. What can you tell us about the process of working with Howard, and how did it shape the overall artistic vision of September Mourning?

Howard brought a different perspective of what the songs should be, and his way of recording and editing them – each producer does this in his or her own way. He has worked on many albums in his career and has a very unique and specific take on how to make albums.

Is it too soon to ask what plans you might have for an upcoming tour in support of the new album?

We will be on the road in April doing some warm up dates before we do Rock on the Range on May 17th and Atlantic City Comic Con on May 15th… and after that there is a lot more to come!

Social media and the internet have really impacted the way bands and musicians communicate and market their projects and artistic visions. How has it helped (or hindered) your own creative output?

The internet has provided us with an endless creative outlet for this project… In a way it has spurred more creativity on so many different levels for art. I look at the internet as a tool for artists; it is a whole different medium in which to do your art.

Would you like to say anything to all the Children of Fate out there before we finish?

Thank you all for your undying support as we take this journey. We cannot and would never want to do this without all of you… and as always, Keep dreaming until one day you become your dream.

I truly look forward to everything September Mourning is planning for the future, and wish you the best with the upcoming release! [separator style=”line” /]

September Mourning – Children of Fate

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Check out photos from the show in Merriam, KS here!

Connect with September Mourning online:

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