Interview: Public Display of Aggression

Remember, remember the metal of Denver – especially the really, really angry Public Display of Aggression. Think Mudvayne with an All Shall Perish-size chip on their shoulder with a smidge of Killswitch Engage thrown in for tastiness. I’m pretty sure if you were able to tear their Guy Fawkes masks off, you would just find more Guy Fawkes masks.
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Where did the inspiration come from for Public Display of Aggression’s new album, To Live And Die In Your Suit And Tie?

We each have our own backgrounds in music and influences and they all play a role in making this album our own, be it our political beliefs, our religious beliefs, or our musical desires and dreams.

Let’s take a look at your equipment. What is everyone rocking out on?

PDA uses: SennHeiser, Line 6, Schecter, Ibanez, Warwick, Premier, DW, Zildjian, Vater, Hartke, Ampeg, Peavey, Marshall, Avid, Ableton, InTune guitar picks, GHS strings – all while wearing Industrial Militia clothing.

How would you describe the vibe and feel of PDA’s music?

Heavy, groovy, baby makin’ music. ;(
AKA, Business Metal.

Favorite type of whiskey?

Anything that burns… *cough* when you pee *cough* …

Name a few musicians that Public Display of Aggression looks up to.

Mudvayne, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, American Head Charge, Victor Wooten, anything by Maynard Keenan, Avatar, Psychostick, System of a Down, Element A440, plus so many other bands we can’t even name.

Does anyone in the band have any weird talents?

James Aggression can poop and eat cereal at the same time. Murder Mike can train snails to jump. Rage breeds courier lobsters. Tommy Mayhem can go through an entire roll of toilet paper in one sitting. And Dashing Kenny Daggers CAN find his way out of a paper bag.

This group always seems to be working on something new. Any hints as to what fans can expect to be hearing soon? Tours?

As the band has changed since the release of our album, we have decided our album should reflect that change, which means an entire re-recording and re-release of our album To Live And Die In Your Suit And Tie, featuring rewrites of our favorites and brand new songs.

What are Public Display of Aggression’s goals for 2017?

We would love to meet every one of our fans we’ve made outside of Colorado, and truly get to know all of you. So if we’re playing a show in your town, please come say hi and chat with us. We love you.


Politically, what does PDA stand for?

Just listen to our lyrics. We stand for the fair treatment of humans – that living life should not be living in a prison created by a corrupt system.

Where’s the best food stop in the Denver area? Worst?

If you’re not from Denver you HAVE to check out Casa Bonita. If you’re from Denver, anything BUT Casa Bonita. But if you’re in the mood for something fast and casual, hit up Illegal Pete’s.

Which beer would you choose to have a lifetime supply of?

Beer of the root, or as the kids call it, root beer.

What are a few non-music related hobbies that the guys in PDA have?

Rage longboards while hacky sacking. Dashing Kenny Daggers is literally a wizard. James Aggression solves mysteries and jumps in and out his pants. Tommy Mayhem jacks on AND off… And Murder Mike eats vertical tacos while doing sweet jumps.

What has been a highlight for the group in 2016?

We’ve played a lot of awesome shows with some of our favorite bands, like Combichrist, Upon a Burning Body, and Born of Osiris, as well as some of the other exciting opportunities left in the remaining months.

Where do the PDA guys like to hangout when not practicing or performing?

Rage longboards and hackies at the local Chuck’E’Cheese. As being a wizard, Dashing Kenny Daggers summons storms at people’s weddings. James Aggression solves mysteries in and out of his pants at the Sperm Bank. Tommy Mayhem jacks on and off at the GoodWill. And Murder Mike enjoys his vertical tacos at cheerleading practice while performing his sweet jumps.

What is the spiciest food any member of the band has eaten?

Murder Mike once ate a pizza that was too hot.

When and where can fans come and see you next?

I guess you’ll just have to follow us on Facebook to find out. ;( [separator style=”line” /]

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