Interview: Paul Ridley of SAINT RIDLEY

Detroit’s groove metal punch to the head known as Saint Ridley have been steam rolling over 2016 and are gearing up for an even bigger 2017. Here is vocalist Paul Ridley’s view on things.

You’ve only been singing for about four or five years. What made you decide to start singing? Has singing affected your writing process and how you interact with music?

Actually, what made me start singing was working with a bunch of crybaby singers. I worked with a singer that would quit the band every other show it seemed like, so I finally said, “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”

You’ve mentioned that having the ability to share your experiences through music has helped you process your emotions. Do you think that having music as an emotional outlet has also influenced your interactions with people? Have you found that you react differently to unpleasant situations because of the writing/performing process?

I think it has matured me, believe it or not. I have come to realize that a problem is only as bad as your reaction to it. Nowadays, I’ve learned to look at bad news as inspiration and fuel for creation rather than being all pissed off about it. So yeah, I think it has changed my reactions. Good question.

If the band could go on tour anywhere, where would you like to go?

South America and/or Europe. I want to see Ireland mega bad.

What’s the most rewarding fan experience you’ve had?

Saint Ridley2 Sep 2016

While Saint Ridley was on tour with Coal Chamber and Filter, I met a fan in Kansas who had told me one of my songs had helped her feel like she wasn’t alone when she was going through serious depression. With tears in her eyes she told me that our record inspired her to get the help she needed instead of giving up and killing herself. I hugged the shit out of her and shared some of my experiences with her. I’ve never felt so proud and accomplished. It felt amazing to make such a difference.

What’s the most awkward social interaction you’ve initiated?

I had a fan in Oklahoma ask me if I thought I could do my evil grin with a knife buried my ribs. Needless to say I was happy security was right there and promptly drug the guy out.

How have the personalities in the most recent line-up for Saint Ridley affected how the band writes its songs?

It’s no secret that we’ve had plenty of lineup changes in the first three years. The lineup we have now, I’d like to think, is permanent. Our personalities are all very different but they mesh super well. We work together as a team and we never disregard each other’s’ opinions or ideas. Saint Ridley has truly become a band of brothers. Writing has become very enjoyable lately because everyone in the band has great ideas and everybody has enthusiasm and a hunger for creativity.


What did you learn from your last tour that will improve your next tour?

I’d like to think we learn from every tour. The last tour definitely taught us to be more professional all around. It gave us “the show must go on” mentality. We took a lot of hard knocks but I’m proud to say we handled whatever was thrown at us with a positive attitude, and promptly.

Which would be the most horrific way to die, being slowly digested by a swarm of giant Gippsland earthworms or being eaten alive by an army of tadpoles?

Jesus Christ…those both sound horrible. But I’d take either one over cancer any day.

Do you speak any foreign languages? Have you ever thought about writing any songs in a foreign language to see how that affects your writing process?

I speak very minimal Spanish but I’ve recently have been trying to learn Gaelic. I would love to write in the tongue of my ancestors. I feel it would be one hell of a challenge.

If you could collaborate with any band/artist to write a song in a completely different genre, who would you choose to work with and what genre would you pick?

I’d love to do a punk record with the guys from Rancid or a hardcore record with Sick of It All.

What person in the band has the weirdest hobby? Details please.

To be honest, we are so focused on this band that we don’t really have time for weird hobbies. I make custom tables, that’s about the closest thing I can give you.

What’s coming up for the rest of 2016 and 2017 for Saint Ridley?

Touring, touring, new record, and touring. We can’t wait to get our new music out there. Saint Ridley’s new stuff is way heavier and more thought out.

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