How did you start in music?  How old, what instrument?  Formal training?  How did you come together as a band?

Lord K and Trebla met in a gym in Milano, randomly. The first was a Rock singer and performer, the second a DJ and producer. “Why don’t we do something together?”… and here we are 7 years later.

Lord has always been a front man, even before he has ever started to sing.

Trebla has approached samplers and turntables at the age of 12 and Dave is “the guitar player” who can also be a great drummer.

Tell us the story behind the band name, Army of the Universe.

Ahah.. Ok, we have two versions. Trebla says he came up with the name before meeting Lord K for drinks one night in Milano.

The concept was coming from the passion they share about retro sci-fi and visionary movies.

According to Lord K, he came up with the name, but he does not really remember how…

What is your favorite track that YOU have released?

We will never agree on this one, but let’s say Resin, the very first song we have ever written.

Who are your greatest musical influences as a band?

NIN, Faith No More, some of Depeche Mode, The Prodigy and a bunch of 80’s and 90’s underground stuff.

Tell us about your equipment?  What is your go-to software and instruments?

We run everything on Logic. We track guitars, drums and vocals at Dave’s studio and Trebla samples his own analog stuff in a secret place.


If you could hire ANY vocal talent, from any era or genre, for a big name commercial release opportunity, who would it be, and what style of track?

We leave this to Lord and he is gonna go with Danzig… But we’d love to have Juliette Lewis in one of our songs.


What has been your biggest challenge as an artist?

The biggest challenge is to come up with something good every time. Inspiration is a not always there for all of us, we need to work hard to make it happen, sticking together even when we do not agree on something.

When you’re preparing to perform, do you need to psych up or calm down?  How do you do it?

More psych up than calm for sue, but as soon we run on stage everything sets on a very energic level.

Adrenaline plays a big role here, and the shot we always take before going on does, too.

Big Festival or late night club?  Why?

Late night clubs, big time! We like the dark and the setting walls. The atmosphere is just more real.

Think the term ‘Music Icon”, what name immediately pops in your head?

Billy Idol. [separator style=”line” /] reduced

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