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Fools Brew Release Metal Cover of “God’ll Cut You Down” with Lyric Video

Chicago based metal band Fools’ Brew is back, shredding ears and melting faces, with their brand of straightforward, beer-soaked metal with their Zach Kubiak of Prophesied Design directed lyric video for “God’ll Cut You Down” off of their upcoming The Reckoning EP.

Fools’ Brew offer a dark spin on an old favorite, taking what is often seen as a cautionary tale and morphing it into the delusions and rambling of a destitute drifter. The traditional folksy acoustics and sing-a-long vocals are swapped out for down-tuned electrics and growling snarls, blaring the warning “You’re gonna reap just what you sow.” It’s a barn-burner of a track and its accompanying lyric video is going to slay the intended audience.

For the upcoming EP The Reckoning, Fools’ Brew teamed up with Chris Steinmetz of Stonecutter Recording Studios to capture the sound and the fury they bring to the stage. The result is six tracks of bruising, straightforward metal and whiskey-soaked grooves. Song themes vary from a pained retaliation, to a tongue lashing aimed at a corrupt establishment, to an ode to everyone’s favorite pastime (drinking!). It’s a call to action to embrace your path, do what you love, and set fire to anything that stands in your way. Fools’ Brew wouldn’t have it any other way…



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