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Eric Zimmerman Turns Dark Techno Vision to Feature Film

Eric Zimmerman is one of those industry professionals whose name stays below pop culture awareness until you do a google search and realize that his is the sinister mind behind such darkly iconic 90s music videos as Nine Inch Nails‘ “Down In It” and “Head Like a Hole” as well as Soundgarden’s Jesus Christ Pose” and “Rusty Cage,”among MANY others. While he’s so far stuck to music videos, commercials, and photography, he’s, at last, branching his unique ideas into feature-length films with the release of Caller ID Entity, a sci-fi thriller befitting such a mind as the legendary David Cronenberg.  Based on actual phone messages and testimonials, this sci-fi movie explores phenomena from victims of mind control research and features James DuvalNathan BextonDenny KirkwoodDouchan GersiTriton B. KingCarrie HayesRoxy SaintElissa Dowling, with John Cho (yes, Harold)  and Peter Greene (looks like Zed isn’t dead after all).

CALLER ID Entity – Trailer from Eric A Zimmerman on Vimeo.

“This movie was inspired by real-life phone messages I received from an anonymous woman. The messages are very disturbing, and I imagined what the story behind them could be. As I investigated further, I discovered a whole underground network of psychological torture, victims of mind control experimentation. Everything in the movie is based on real messages and victim testimonials. It makes you wonder where this technology is really going in the near future,” explains Zimmerman. “To reverse-engineer a story from actual phone messages is a different approach to making a movie. I’m not sure if its ever been done before. The style also reflects the fragmentation and paranoia of having your brain hacked. This project, though challenging, inspired all of us to push beyond the limits of the traditional film-making process.”

The film is, as expected, is set to a phenomenal soundtrack with music from ScannerNew World RevolutionLenka MorávkováIgor AmokianJeff BoyntonVJ AvantJohn D. NortenTrash DeityAcucrackLab ReportMissionsDJ Swamp, and more

An Exclusive Premiere Screening of the film will be held at Ahrya Fine Arts By Laemmle, see below for ticket and screening information.


Click HERE to RSVP the Premiere Screening on January 10th

Click HERE to to Purchase Tickets for the Premiere Screening on January 10th

Tiger Eyes Media is a production company based in Hollywood, CA, formed by directors Eric A. Zimmerman and Angela Izzo. Caller ID Entity is the first full-length feature to be released by this production team. Their next project to be released is The Benders Circuit a documentary about the electronic audiovisual performance scene in LA, coming in 2018, the trailer of which will be shown before the premiere screening of Caller ID Entity on January 10, 2018.


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