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Eric Lambert Takes On Joey Sturgis Plug-Ins for ‘Unleash Your Creativity’

Guitarist Eric Lambert (blessthefall) recently sat down with Joey Sturgis’s Unleash Your Creativity to discuss the importance for artists to understand the production process in order to retain greater creative control over their music. Eric loves plugins which allow musicians with minimal engineering knowledge to plug right in, get great tone, and write the music they want to write. The ability to control his own music is how JST allows Eric to unleash his creativity.


I think it’s important that musicians understand what’s going on behind the scenes. I feel like a lot of bands feel pressured by producers in the past, that they are God, and they can do whatever they want to do to your music because you don’t know how to do it…having something that you can record your own music on and have control of your creativity…it opens so many doors, you can write without anyone hearing it…it’s your idea and you can try that idea.” – Eric Lambert

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