BUBBLES EROTICA Give Rock a New Sense of Purpose with “Cicada Arcade”

Imagine if System of a Down took Rage Against the Machine, Muse, Queens of the Stone Age, and Foxy Shazam on an unholy trip to pay homage to Mr. Bungle, the sound that would follow would be something akin to Bubbles Erotica.  Equal parts high functioning math rock precision and raucous social rebellion, this breath of fresh air out of Chicago is unquestionably the sound we’ve been waiting for.  Their video for “Cicada Arcade” is a snapshot of their 5/9 self-titled debut album.

“Cicada Arcade” speaks to the culture of social media we live in today. A lot of people talking and making noise, but not listening or paying attention to the world around them. It’s a very me-first frame of mind, with everyone believing that their ideas and opinions are more important than everyone else’s. Our animator, Ali at 3E Visuals took that idea further with his visual interpretation of our lyrics.Bubbles Erotica

it’s about wanting to get away from the constant noise and distractions that everyone is making in order to create and project their own false realities. And none of the false realities that are being thrown out there are original or unique, but are just based on recycled thoughts and beliefs that are being fed to them. Then the main character goes through a thought process that eventually ends up with him recognizing that he’s not any different and his own existence and reality is based on those very same noises an distractions. But as he’s coming to this realization, it’s too late as he’s actually fully immersed and drowning in the waste from his own false reality.Ali Manesh3E Visuals


Bubbles Erotica will be hosting a double release show with Killing Gods on May 6th at Bottom Lounge in Chicago. Click HERE for more information!

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