BlazerJacket Drops The Sci-Fi – Inspired EP, ‘The Second’


January 30, 2023 – Ukranian cyberpunk duo, BlazerJacket has just unveiled their new EP, The Second.

This EP showcases the band’s cyberpunk/sci-fi vision in various forms. Each track features voice samples from different sources of inspiration. In the track, “Dark Side,” it’s Star Wars; in “DedSec,” it’s the game; Watch Dogs; in “Project 2501,” it’s the anime, Ghost in the Shell; and in “Judgement Day,” it’s Terminator.

When BlazerJacket was formed in 2017, they were actively playing shows.

Half of the material they played live at that time went into the EP, The First, and all of those tracks were written by Denis Cherryman. The other half of that material is now included in The Second, and it was written by another band member, Hybri.Mod. This material was also additionally produced closer to modern standards of hard EDM/midtempo, but the core idea is a mixture of industrial with guitar and synthwave.

The first EP has a clear concept where the plot of The First takes place in a post-apocalyptic universe and tells the story (in the form of dialogues at the end of the tracks) of two alien brothers who came to Earth to save humanity and all existence from absolute evil – an ultra-powerful artificial intelligence.

In this new EP, The Second, there is no specific story. The dialogues, like in the first EP are replaced by voice samples from the movies, the game, and the anime, and leave the question of imagination to the listener.

As for Easter eggs, the first EP ended with “Skynet”, and the second EP ended with “Judgement Day”, which moved the listener to the Terminator world. Especially nerdy listeners can hear that the last FX sound at the end of the last track “Skynet” in The First matches the same FX sound at the beginning of the intro of The Second, and also matches at the very end of the last track “Judgement Day” in the same EP.

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