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Blackstar Amplification Proudly Announces Studio 10 Series

Blackstar Amplification has launched the Studio 10Series; a range of 10 watts, Class A tube combos equipped with a footswitchable boost, series effects loop, studio quality reverb and more. The series includes two models, the Studio10 EL34 and Studio 10 6L6, each designed to fully capture the magic of the Class A, single-ended tube power stage. 

The Studio10 EL34 is built around the classic BritishEL34 power tube and offers the classic crunch of British circuit and a wide variety of versatility in the midrange. Combined with a classic Celestion 12” speaker, guitarists will crave the aggressive power available in the Studio10 EL34; an innovative solution for players seeking an amp capable of producing an impressive range of overdriven and punchy tones. 

Comparatively, the Studio10 6L6 includes all the same features except it utilizes the iconic American 6L6 power tube. The 6L6 power stages gives players a smooth, clean feel across their range of low, mid and high frequencies. Guitarists will experience a well-balanced sound, perfect for any style of music.

“We’re all really excited for the Studio 10 series, a new approach for Blackstar,” explains Brian Piccolo, Director of Guitar Brands at KORG USA, Inc. “These amplifiers allow players to harness the true tone of a tube power amp at a very manageable volume level,” Piccolo continues. 

With the emphasis on simplicity and sonic purity, the Studio 10 series has been crafted to provide the guitarist with the widest range of superior guitar tones. Both models will be available for $549.99 in January 2019. They will be debuted at WNAMM at the KORG USA, Inc. booth, Hall B #8802. 

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Studio 10 EL34:


Influenced by history’s most iconic amplifiers, the 10W single-ended Studio 10 EL34 is a low gain, classic British crunch amp with an EL34 in the power amplifier and an ECC83 in the preamp stage, resulting in a flawlessly boutique, sultry crunch. This model includes a footswitchable pre-amp Boost for an authentic classic rock and indie rhythm tone and articulately powerful blues leads.


Studio 10 6L6:

Influenced by history’s most iconic amplifiers, the 10W single-ended Studio 10 6L6 deploys a 6L6 output valve and an ECC83 in the preamp stage to give this amp a distinctively American bright clean sound and searing lead tone. The built-in overdrive circuit – inspired by our renowned HT-Drive pedal – takes the lead tone from dynamic crunch to a singing, smooth legato and remains composed and graceful.


Studio 10 KT88:

Influenced by history’s most iconic amplifiers, the 10W single-ended Studio 10 KT-88 is driven by the monumental KT-88 power amp valve and an ECC83 in the preamp stage. Benefitting from the extra headroom of the KT-88, the Studio 10 KT-88 is the pinnacle of dynamic modern cleans and tight high-gain overdrives. In addition, the patented ISF control gives unparalleled access to more distortion flexibility than any other single-ended valve amplifier on the market.


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