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Video Premiere: A Threat To The Enemy’s “Strength of Man”

Hailing from Texas, combining old school metal, heavy riffs and catchy vocals, A Threat To The Enemy have brought us their newest edition of ‘Positive brutality’ in the form of their new video “Strength Of Man”.

ATTTE (A Threat To The Enemy) say they have a “Desire to bring a brutal sound as well as having a great time on stage.” Judging by this track, they practice what they preach! This is 100% hard hitting, brutal metal with strong, thrashy riffs and catchy melodies and vocals. What I love about this band is that I can understand what they’re saying; sadly, for many bands, that gets easily lost in pig squeeling and growling, which often leaves me scratching my head trying to decipher what a band is so passionate about. Not with ATTTE! Their vocals are clear and menacing (exactly as they should be) and I’m having to try incredibly hard not to head bang whilst writing this introduction!

The band consists of Brad Christopher (Vocals), Michael Hill (Drums), Les Paul (Bass) and Paul Egly (Guitar).

Make no mistake, the Texas-based A Threat to the Enemy are here on buisiness. They deliver a brutally precise sound and have a damn good time doing it!

They belive in what they do and continually push the boundaries! They say that the fans are what fuels this relentless drive and ferocity! The band consist of seasoned musicians with the kind of die hard work ethic that hs gained them the reputation of a must-see live act! The band continues to play select regional dates and is preparing for the release of their full length that is guaranteed to change the tide for the band! Catch them live and discover what others already know!

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