Joe Mansman  – Vocals
Dollars – Guitar
Chris Becker – Key
Rob Burnell – Bass
Maveric Hobus – Drums

What brought the band together?

Chris and I began playing in an earlier version of this band called The Quick and The Dead, writing songs with a country rock vibe, eventually turning into The Midnight Revival Band. Dollars was recruited on guitar after watching us open for Scott Stapp on ‘The Space Between the Shadow Tour’. Rob discovered us playing in a dive bar and started managing us, then moved to bass shortly after. We ended up recruiting Maveric on drums during the recording of our ‘Live For  Thrills’ EP.

How was the name selected?

I was the primary songwriter for awhile and when we needed a new name we wanted something classic and more in the vain of Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band or Joan Jett and The Black Hearts. Midnight Revival Band sounded classic and dark at the same time.

What are your musical influences? What albums had the biggest impact on your music and life so far?

AerosmithGet a Grip

Stone Temple Pilots – Tiny Music 

Pearl JamYield 

Alice In ChainsDirt 

Further Seems ForeverHow to Start a Fire 

Norma JeanWrongdoers 

The Juliana TheoryLove


There’s so many it’s hard to list but these are just a few that I listened to on repeat growing up.

What was the first song that you recorded? Why did you choose THAT song? What was the inspiration through mastering experience?

The first song we ever recorded was called “All Along” which never made it to an album but instead ended up on Compilation by Sounds and Tones Records and later our Wayward Songs B-Sides comp. We were still in our folk and country phase and wanted to experiment with a studio we were interested in, but the song itself wasn’t the best reflection of where we were heading creatively. It was only a few weeks after that when we went back and tracked the first song off our EP called ‘Dead As It Gets’ which was a heavy blues rocker and that one set us on a path that landed us where we are today, morphing our sound bit by bit as the years went on.

Talk about your most recent release: name, style, date, etc.

“Empire State” was released on June 14, it’s a 70s and 80s inspired blues hard rock tune.

What new bands are you listening to right now? How did you find them?

We’ve been finding new music either in our travels from playing with other bands, which is primarily the case, or from recommended playlists. Joyous Wolf has been a big one, Blacktop Mojo, and He is Legend.

What’s on the horizon?

We will be releasing music all throughout this fall and winter and hopefully be back on the road after Christmas, so catch us doing a bunch of one offs for the time being until we get back out there.

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JOE MANSMAN AND THE MIDNIGHT REVIVAL BAND are a blistering display of dangerously skilled rock and rollers. Where few bands still don the mantle, these renegades carry the torch, combining attitude, swagger, colossal guitar solos, and boisterous lyrics into a crucible of sleaze rock, glam rock, southern rock, and heavy metal.

Helmed by the group’s eponymous front-man, the self proclaimed ‘wayward son’ has been torching audiences since 2014 with a haughty and distinguished charisma that demands the attention of the room, leading them to share sold out stages across the US alongside JACKYL, WARRANT, DOKKEN, QUIET RIOT, TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION, SCOTT STAPP, and many more renowned acts in hard rock.

Their most recent EP, Live For Thrills, showcases the group at it’s finest, employing a rich and dynamic change in pace that ethereally serves dramatic and memorable vocal hooks over a soaring landscape of guitars and keys. The EP also gave birth to the band’s first rock radio single, “TAKE IT EASY,” and garnered them a position on Spotify’s Top Hundred list of most streamed songs for new classic rock in North America in June 2022.

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