MIND INCISION Unleashes Official Music Video for “Aneurysm of a Narcissist”!

Debut Single & Lyric Video, "Slaves to the Game", Out NOW!

Denver, CO based, metal band MIND INCISION has revealed the official music video for their newest single, “Aneurysm Of A Narcissist.” Written by Jason Neil and directed by Luke Ostermiller, “Aneurysm Of A Narcissist.” was produced by Loste Films with audio engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Dave Otero.

“’Aneurysm of a Narcissist’ is about the trials and tribulations of dealing with a Narcissist and the limitations of the neurological capacity therein. Basically we’ve created what we think that all people dealing with this situation dream about doing in a world that would socially accept it. The idea behind it, is to open the eyes of the narcissist themselves, but we all know that this isn’t going to be received by any of them, since they bask in lust, fortified remorse, and constantly are struggling with the idea of being vulnerable to someone who has discovered their secrets, which is that they don’t actually have emotional responsiveness to anything that doesn’t have to do directly with their personal gain, or control of any given situation.” – Jason Neil (lead vocals)

The Colorado heavy rockers have also released the official lyric video for their debut single, “Slaves to the Game,” which was also engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered by Dave Otero, with both singles being off of the band’s upcoming, debut EP, The First Cut.

Slaves to the Game was written for the fans, and by the fans through our eyes over the past decades of playing music for them. In this song we are the slaves, and the game is the music scene and industry itself. We are expressing the truth about creating for all of you, and how much we enjoy what we do, and how we can’t stop, and won’t stop the creative process that consumes us as we continue down our path of artistic abilities through music.” – Jason (vocals)


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Jason Neil – Lead Vocals
Jon Maggard – Lead Guitar
Kyle Loucks – rhythm Guitar
Aeon Cruz – Bass
Kelly Morse – Drums

Formed in December of 2022, Mind Incision was born of five Denver musicians featuring well known local and national Artists such as Arcanium and Motograter, to Cevrance and Mother of Exile. While encompassing several styles of metal, Mind Incision creates a unique and power driven sound, coupled with vocals that compliment the driving music well, and can be heard and understood through screaming and singing parts throughout. The group has signed with Music Gallery International’s management Shawn Barusch and are seeking touring opportunities NOW! With the release of their E.P. The First Cut, which was produced, mixed and mastered by Denver’s own Dave Otero at Flatline Audio, Mind Incision prepares to finish the record with Dave after their breakout tour in 2023.

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