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It’s Time to Put Music Back into the Hands of Musicians!

In light of the potential economic upheavals being brought up in this election cycle, it’s only natural that like minded musicians and industry professionals would decide to take on SoundCloudSpotify, Apple Music, etc.  So welcome Orfium, the newest, MOST artist-centric platform to emerge in the digital world.  With an 80% artist payout on monetization, groundbreaking new software developments to protect and empower musicians and their music, and incredible flexibility, Orfium is positioned to be a real game changer for not only the creators of music, but also the consumers.

Orfium is a technology company striving to provide an open, elegant, and flexible music platform that puts artists and rights holders in control of all forms of promotion, retail, licensing, and distribution of music in the digital age, and to provide fans with the best discovery, sharing, and listening experience.


Watch the video below for more details and sign up online HERE!


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