Stitched Up Heart talk kittens, current tour and new album

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Not many bands would let a music journalist and her assistant extraordinaire sit with them while they eat and conduct an interview with them. Stitched Up Heart is one of those rare bands. Not only did they let us hang out with them while they got their chow on, Mixi and Decker hugged myself and assistant extraordinaire Bryan Hofstrand when they met us and when they said farewell. Honestly, how many Rock Stars do those things? I can tell you from experience that most Rock Stars barely shake hands when they meet someone let alone hug them.

The band was playing the night I interviewed them at Stout Ale House in Menomonie Wisconsin, opening for the always stellar Pop Evil. I met up with Mixi at the band’s merch table before the doors opened and she immediately hugged Assistant Extraordinaire and myself. “So I am starving! Sound check took forever. Seriously, it took an hour and a half. Could we go next door and talk while we grab something to eat?” Mixi inquired. Of course I said yes, Mixi is the type of person that you would bury a dead body for if she asked you to, she is that sweet. We made our way over to the restaurant side of Stouts Ale House and piled into one of the booths. All but Decker was present and accounted for. I jumped right into the most important question of the entire interview, “I noticed that on your merch table there is a sign that states that a percent of the proceeds from your merch sales goes to, is that for real?”  Mixi laughed, “Of course it is for real! We would never say we are donating to the Kitten Rescue and then not donate. I’m a typical cat lady, I love kittens!” Mixi explained, “My Aunt was fostering Kittens, and when the guys and I were on tour we would stay with her when we were near where she lived. At first she let me borrow kittens, then I began fostering. I brought kittens to the studio! You start to see how much help these animals need. I learned of this very worthy cause and knew that it was something the guys and I had to get involved in. I went right to the rest of the band and made sure they were cool with donating part of our profits to the kitty’s, cuz let’s face it, we are a baby band, we don’t make a lot of money. They all were 100% behind donating, I knew they would be, because they are all so great.”

It was at that moment that Decker appeared, “Sorry it took me so long! I didn’t expect to sound check for 70 minutes!” Decker apologized. This is prime example of how awesome of a guy this drummer is, apologizing for being late due to his responsibilities. Mixi and I moved to the booth across from the rest of the band, Bryan assistant extraordinaire joined us and Decker. The discussion switched to the most important topic of the night, other than kitties – the new album. The album, Never Alone, is now available and is worth every single penny. I inquired if the band was ready for the success that the amazing new album was obviously going to bring them. Decker laughed and answered, “Well I hope everyone feels like you do! Our label has been so supportive!” Mixi added, “Yeah, the label, Another Century, has been really pushing it. I think at first they were not planning on pushing the album so hard, but it seemed like once they started hearing the songs we were bringing to the table, they got behind us completely.” Mixi continued, “It’s weird to grasp the concept that the songs were wrote during a 14-week tour are being played on the radio. It is surreal!” I asked what was their reaction the first time they heard one of their songs on the radio. “It was in Flagstaff Arizona; our guitarists grew up there. We were traveling through there and I tweeted tot the local radio station, they immediately invited us down. Once we left the DJ messaged and said to turn on the radio, and there we were, coming out of the radio.” Mixi laughed, “It took a while before I started to really realize that when I hear our songs, it wasn’t on a CD it was actually on live radio, like I said, surreal!”

I always love to ask bands if they still have fan girl and fan boy moments. “Oh yes!” Mixi exclaimed, “Lizzy Hale, I fan-girled with Lizzy Hale. When I first saw her I was like Oh my god it’s Lizzy Hale, Then I actually met her and she was the sweetest coolest person!” Decker laughed and said, “Yeah when I met Stewart Copeland, the drummer for Police and Tool’s drummer Danny Carey I thought I kept it cool. I know in reality I probably came off as a dork.” Mixi added, “I also get all weird around Nikki Sixx. We have been playing festivals that he is at, and I can never look at him. Whenever I see him backstage or something I immediately get shy and turn away!” She continued, “Although, I did finally talk to him the last time I ran in to him. I was all gushy like, ‘Great show, you were great!’ I am sure he will never remember me.” I assured her that she is blonde and super cute, he would definitely remember her. I asked Mixi and Decker if they get a lot of fans that that act all fan girl or fan boy to them. “We get fans that give us gifts a lot,” Mixi answered. “I went through a My Little Pony faze a while back and so I have a lot of those. I also have oodles of stuffed animals. I am thinking about donating them to a children’s hospital, they all just sit in my apartment back home. I love the thought of giving them to wonderful children that could really use and appreciate them.” Isn’t she just amazing folks? And the rest of the band are each just as rad.


There you go dear readers, just a little glimpse into the magical world that is Stitched Up Heart. I know you all probably have the new album, Never Alone, but just in case I have included links. I was also just given amazing news that Stitched Up Heart is hitting the road soon with the fantastically talented Gemini Syndrome and the badass 9Electric. Do not hesitate, dear readers. Find a show and make plans to go. Hell, find 3 shows and bring friends! You will not be disappointed!

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