Another Lost Year open up about new album, boy bands and the Grammy’s

North Carolina is known as the birth place of Bluegrass music, and not usually for generating unique uber-talented Rock bands. That is about to change. Let me introduce you to a band that is changing the momentum of Rock music, Another Lost YearAnother Lost Year, hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, just released their new album Alien Architect, much to the delight of fans and critics alike.

I had the pleasure to be able to sit down with the four cats that make up Another Lost Year when they played at the Pearl Street Brewery in La Crosse, WI. I have been doing this media thing a long time folks, I started interviewing bands before I was even legal to drink. So, when I say that this band was one of the most fun to interview, it’s kind of a big deal. The four North Carolina chaps all have such pronounced personalities, on and off the stage, that it is hard to believe they get along as well as they do. First, there is lead crooner, Clinton, who is sexy hot and charming as the day is long. Next we have bass player Adam, who is awkwardly cute and coy, and next we have guitarist Jorge who is offhandedly sarcastic and a smooth criminal. Last but obviously not least, is the man of few words, Nathan, the most badass drummer this side of the Mason Dixon Line. I had the guys introduce themselves and tell me what they did, and this is how the four responded. “I am Clinton, I sing and put band aids on Adam.” “I am Adam; I braid Jorge’s hair.” “I am Jorge and I wash window’s.” I stopped the guys before I got to Nathan and asked them to tell me what they did in the band, and the answers were the same.

The conversation suddenly shifted to the subject of boybands – yes, it really happened. The discussion started relatively innocently with me asking about the bands’ song writing process, how Clinton is the lyricist, and all of sudden Adam called Clinton “Michael Stipe” and poof, discussion: boybands. Clinton stated that R.E.M. was more of a boyband back during their peak popularity than Back Street Boys ever were. I asked him to sing a little “Stand” for me, and he flat out refused. I inquired why was it that he could sing Chicago tunes to the wives of radio personalities, but wouldn’t sing REM. Clinton stated, “Because it’s Chicago, everybody loves Chicago.” I reminded him that Chicago was ultimately one of the first ever boybands, to which I got an evil glare, and Clinton growled at me, “Chicago is not a boy band.” I accepted my defeat in that debate and went on to ask how they felt about some of their peers being nominated for Grammy’s this past year. Nathan stated with no emotion, “We don’t know what a Grammy is.” I asked how they would feel if they were nominated for a Grammy, Clinton explained, “If we got nominated, it would be for the song “Beautiful.” If we didn’t win, it wouldn’t be because “Beautiful” isn’t the best song. Band’s don’t win Grammys anymore just on merit.” Jorge chimed in, “It would be cool to be on that stage and thank everyone, I’d thank my mom.” “It’s a trophy,” Nathan added, “A trophy we wouldn’t turn down.”.

Another Lost YearI switched the Grammy talk to Another Lost Year‘s new album. “The rumors are true, there is a new album,” laughed Clinton. I asked what was behind the album title, Alien Architect, and Adam deadpanned “We like Aliens and buildings.” Clinton added, “it all boils down to the Illuminati.” I inquired how fans, new and old alike, could get the new album. The guys rattled off the various websites, links are below, and then Adam blurted out, “Come to a show, then I can hand it to you!” Jorge laughed, “Adam has bear hands.” The next minute or so the guys all laughed heartily at their obvious inside joke.

I finally got my favorite part of the interview, the random stupid question round. I handed each of the band members a card with a stupid question written on it. I do not hand the questions out in any certain order, it is completely random, and the band member must read the question on his card and then give his honest answer. First was Drummer Nathan, “Which member of the Brady Bunch would you have liked to see naked? “Nathan paused and laughed, “I have the best question. I would have to say Marcia, wait, the mom.” I interjected and stated he could only pick one. “Marcia. It has to be Marcia!” One of his band mates hollered “Why Marcia?” Nathan jumped up from the couch and forcefully said, “Because she’s Marcia, she’s hot!” Question number 2 was read and answered by guitarist Jorge, “If your Bologna had a first name, what would it be?” He paused and chortled as he continued, “I assume the question pertains to my member, because I don’t like Bologna. If I had to say my Bologna had a name, I would say its name is Jesus.” Jorge sat back, folded his hands on his lap and signaled that was that. Adam, the bear-pawed bassist, could barely read his question due to his bout with the giggles, but he somehow powered through, “If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be? A Potato. I would defiantly say I am like a potato.” Clinton snorted and inquired, “A potato? Why a potato?” Adam explained, “I am tough and leathery on the outside but I’m creamy on the inside. I’m versatile and there are many things you can do with me, like mash me, fry me, put sour cream on me. I am most definitely a potato.” I felt nothing could top Adam’s question and answer, then Clinton read his question, “If you could pick a theme song to accompany your life, what would it be?” Clinton paused a moment and answered, “Porn Star Dancing.” I questioned him, “Really, out of all the songs in the history of songs, that is the song you would pick”? “Yeah, why not? I’m a really sexy dancer!” Adam interrupted, “His dancing is what attracted me to him.” Clinton added, as he leaned into Adam, “He stood me up on our first date!” “I see you guys must have made up.” I pointed out, and Adam laughed, “That is because of how he dances!”


The interview was coming to an end and I asked the guys if there was anything they wanted their fans to know, and Jorge blurted out, “Nathan is single!” The rest of the guys all chimed in agreeing with what Jorge had said. I asked again if there was anything else they wanted their fans to know, and they mentioned the new album and to watch for the band on their upcoming tours. The new album came out on June 10th, and I have included links to get your grubby little paws on a copy. I mentioned before that the band is hitting the road this summer, so make sure you arrange your schedule accordingly to get to a show. The men of Another Lost Year are all accomplished musicians that put on a highly entertaining, talent-packed show and they are also really cool human beings. I say that sincerely, these four are not egotistical at all and seem to be oblivious to the fact that they are “Rock Stars.” All the more reason to go check them out live, and buy their new album, because bands like Another Lost Year are a dying breed.

~Skullgurl Metalchick~

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