Interview: TAINA’s WoLand Bares His Soul About “Seelenfresser”

Bremen, Germany based Industrial trio TAINA may be compared to such legendary compatriots13912692_1169245179765414_2284092528424929072_n
as Rammstein and Front 242, but their music is not a regurgitation of classic German Industrial.  Their need to push the boundaries of the genre keeps them true to the original focus and standards, while creating fresh sounds and themes.  Their upcoming album, Seelenfresser (Soul Eater), addresses dark issues that resonate with fans today, including corruption and the desperation of dis-empowerment.  AntiHero’s  Alyssa Christian recently chatted with frontman WoLand to discuss the story behind TAINA, Seelenfresser, and what to expect from the trio going forward.

How would you describe yourself?


Tell us the story behind the name TAINA.

Taina means ‘secret’ in Russian. Our music is what a dark secret would sound like, if it had a sound.

13921100_1169245219765410_8740762282831133743_nWhat is the intended sound and image of  TAINA  How did you all come together and develop your image and sound?

The vision for our music and image is still developing. We enjoy trying new things like exploring new music styles or changing outfits, but I also think that we have our own style/sound. Most industrial rock and NDH bands here in Germany sound the same, because they are copying Rammstein. This is probably a good idea in term of commercial success, but we have no interest in doing it.

How does your musical style reflect your personality?

It reflects only a part of my personality. With TAINA we are exploring the dark side of our world. My lyrics often contain desperation and extreme situations, but they are not personal most of the time. I find it fascinating to see things from the perspective of a fictional character and to experience dark moments through him. If I write music or performing on stage I’m totally immersed in this world.

Which artist within your genre do you enjoy listening to the most?

Though Nine Inch Nails is my favorite band, Skinny Puppy is the band I listen the most to. I absolutely love their old albums and never get bored of them.


How does living in Bremen affect you in a musical sense?13880379_1169245199765412_4154270303540740357_n

I love Bremen, but I don’t think, it has a significant effect on our music.

How do you go about putting a song together, from songwriting to composition to production?

Sometimes we start with some guitar riffs from SerZh and other times I write the whole song. Then I record vocals and synths, SerZh the guitar parts and Hannes records and programs drums. Finally I mix and master it until we think it’s finished.

How would you describe your music to a potential fan?  To a writer? To your grandmother?

High energy mix of industrial, rock and metal with German lyrics

Any upcoming tour dates to share?

11/05/2016 – Schützenhalle / Lüdenscheid (GER)
11/16/2016 – Ebrietas / Zürich (CH)
11/18/2016 – Das O / Spiez (CH)
11/19/2016 – Rockbunker / Bremgarten (CH)
12/16/2016 – Yesterday / Bremerhaven (GER)
12/17/2016 – Sport- und Kongresshalle / Schwerin (GER)

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