Interview: Q&A with Dallas Rockers MESSER

The best thing about Dallas, Texas – IMHO – has to be the music community. I don’t want to call it a scene because to me, that implies something temporary. And Dallas has had a huge influx of talent in music travel in and out and come from our fine city of cities!

MesserBeing one of these adults that dug live shows, bands, fans in their 20’s, 30’s, and ehum 40’s…I have had the opportunity to meet a ton of people over those years. Oddly enough, several of the MESSER Men, I’ve known from their past lives in other projects. Like JAVIER and the band PIMPADELIC; a Dallas metal band with an almost myth-like presence that can still be felt, heard, discussed in some circles. I know I have one of the greatest stories on the planet – but that is for another time, my Lovelies! I’ve seen KENNY or KEN as he likes to be called now, come up from the days of STRANGLEWEED and I like it when I have a little history with the members of the band I’m about to review or see one of their shows. It doesn’t really help in ways that are beneficial to the band or special treatment or anything like that. It’s just cool for me to see them now and remember them back then.

MESSER has been a band that has beaten the streets here in Dallas and around Texas since their inception in 2010. They’ve had moderate success on a local level packing the joints in Deep Ellum, Fort Worth and Austin and other cities. The band has had some upswings in the beginning that moved them up and some that moved them down; but they rallied during the downswings to come back again and again.

Here’s the key: they keep doing it. They haven’t given up, given in, rolled over, or stepped on. I loved the promo they did for a show back late last year that was kind of a band highlight reel. DEREAK said that they all come from different places and listen to different kinds of music outside of the band but when they come together, they have an energy that is MESSER.

I totally admire that in any band and especially in a band that on an individual basis can say I’m acquainted with. I love to see that passion that they have had finally come together in this massive mess that is MESSER to make the music that is no doubt a MESSER brand through and through.

Another thing I love about MESSER is they put on one helluva show. They don’t play. They have serious gear and are serious about their gear. They will not roll into your town in a van that is more toxic than a closed-door meeting in the Oval Office. They will not come to your club and give your audience a half-assed show. They bring it. And bring it hard. A MESSER show is fun AF to go to. Now, I have never been to a show outside of Dallas, but I would bet a nice BBQ grill that people walk away from a MESSER show feeling like they got their money’s worth and that MESSER rocked their faces clean off. They will hang out and chat with fans and party with y’all too. They’re that kind of band.

And goddammit, we need bands like this, right? RIGHT!! Entitlement reaches even the music world too, ya know…

MesserMESSER has a show that I’ll be at on February 2nd as they kick off their Texas tour (dates below) but before that, I wanted those Lovelies that haven’t heard of this band to become familiar with them. You might have heard them on Sirius Octane with their new single “MAKE THIS LIFE” burning holes in the sound waves the last week. This is the first single off their newest record “MESSER” that is slated for availability in the upcoming weeks.

Make no mistake, MESSER came out in full armor, swinging massively with this track. It’s definitely worthy of severe attention and it did get some of that awesome sauce that can only be from the recipe book of Mr. Ben Grosse. His hands stirred up quite a concoction in “MAKE THIS LIFE”. The rock is infused in this single and I can only wait with baited breath to be able to review the whole album! I know if it’s anything like “MAKE THIS LIFE” it’s going to do pretty damn good, y’all!

I also had the chance to have one of the band members MADDOX chime in on a few questions via email in preparation for the show on the 2nd. You know, so you’ll get that good ole warm and fuzzy feeling when you hear them on Octane or on your hometown rock station, right?!


ANTIHERO: Best thing(s) about being based in Big D?

MADDOX: The best thing about Dallas has to be our rich music history going as far back as the early 1900s – with blues legend Blind Lemon Jefferson all the way thru the grunge era of Deep Ellum that saw many acts like Nirvana make rock history here. Although Deep Ellum has seen many changes over the decades it is currently on a BIG upswing and Live Music, including Rock And Roll, is VERY much alive and kicking ass in the BIG D!

ANTIHERO: Favorite show/concert?

MADDOX: That is a tough one… Favorite show I’ve seen? or favorite show I’ve played? I’ll give you both! METALLICA at AT&T Stadium In Arlington.

ANTIHERO: The single “Make This Life” has a pretty powerful message. What was the defining moment for you that put you in a place to be able to make your life in music?

MADDOX: That’s easy. For me personally (Maddox) It was my discovery of the “Secret”. I’ve always been a dreamer my whole life. In school, I would get in trouble for not paying attention. I didn’t know that was a gift when I was a kid, so I stopped dreaming and tried to do the “corporate” world thing. I needed a change, so I went to hair school. While I was attending hair school at Toni&Guy I was introduced to the philosophy of the “Secret” and it changed my life. I always encourage people to live their dreams to make them become reality. If you can Dream it – you can Achieve it!!


ANTIHERO: How did working with Ben Grosse come about?

MADDOX: We were sitting around after finishing the tracking process and just daydreaming of who we would get if money were no object. We all instantly thought of Ben and his work with Filter and Sevendust. But none of us knew Ben, LOL! Thankfully we live in the future and with social media, I was able to reach out to Ben. Of course, we didn’t actually think he would respond but when he did I managed to convince him to take a meeting. I flew out to Burbank and Chad (Our Producer and co-writer) and I met with Ben. I knew that if I could get in front of him and he could see the seriousness on our faces that he would be willing to work with us. Lucky for us he liked the songs and agreed to help us out.

ANTIHERO: He’s rad AF! Tell me a favorite point working with him.

MADDOX: My favorite part was hearing the first mix of the first song he did which just happened to be “Make This Life”. Right away we could hear the love he put into the mix. It was important to us because we had hand-crafted this album and we were honored to have a true craftsman like Ben Grosse apply his skills to MESSER!

ANTIHERO: How has working with a PR/publicist changed the ability of MESSER‘s music to be heard?

MADDOX: In this business as in any business it’s all about your contacts. Having an HONEST and well-connected Team is of extreme importance. We are lucky to have found our “Dream Team”!

ANTIHERO: How do you see social media play out in the future of music?

MADDOX: I have had this vision of social media and music coming together in the form of Band apps. I know at some point everyone gets tired of constantly being marketed to. I think a band having an app that allows the fans to choose different levels of supporting a band in exchange for a more intimate view of the inside workings. But at least at that level, it would be up to the consumer to decide instead of feeling they are force-fed ads all day.

Fill in the blanks:

Favorite smell: The GOOD stuff!

Ice or roller skate: Roller all day!

Sunrise or sunset: Sunset

Cassette or 45: 45

Best day ever: So far 1-19-18 – the day our “Make This Life” single officially released was like giving birth to a child after a 6-year long pregnancy, LOL!

Upcoming Tour dates:
Jan. 31st – Come and Take It Live – Austin, TX
Feb 01 – BFE Rock Club – Houston, TX
Feb 02 – Curtain Club – Dallas, TX
Feb 03 – My Place – Abilene, TX
Feb 09 – Whiskey River – Amarillo, TX
Feb 10 – Backstage Depot – Lubbock, TX

Connect with MESSER:
Official website:
iTunes/Apple Music:

Til Next Time – MRML


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